Office Hours
Episode 25


Can you believe it? We've had twenty-five whole episodes of AROYA Office Hours already. Our knowledge base and virtual audience just keeps growing and it's beyond exciting to see.

In case you missed last week's sesh, Seth and Jason went over a ton of topics: their tried-and-true cultivation techniques, tips for achieving better drybacks, an overview on irrigation, and even a few new product features we're considering based on your customer feedback (think RFID scanners for employee logins).

So settle in and get ready for the highlights from this office hours. We've got the recap and the full video below!


Our tech is built around what's important to growers.

"A lot of the reason this product is the way it is is because of industry research going out. We spent almost two years just analyzing how people were growing and the different platforms, and what became obvious was that data visibility. That was one of the things that could definitely improve a facility's performance." -- Jason Van Leuven