Office Hours
Episode 30


We're still riding the high from last week's episode of AROYA Office Hours. Can you believe we've had thirty episodes already?

 It's been an amazing time learning with Jason, Seth, and our rotating stream of guests that teach us about cannabis cultivation—from analytics that guide cannabusinesses to the down and dirty growing techniques that we've seen work with great success.

And this week, we got into the weeds with our next Grower of the Month, Jake Shockey, General Manager at Peninsula Gardens. Seth and Jason wasted no time talking about the ways his team is able to push crop steering and stay complaint in the hyper-competitive state of Michigan. So we won't either!

Dig into this dope discussion; we have the highlights and the full video all queued up for you below.


What's so special about the platform?

“AROYA was kind of like opening up a whole new frontier to data and analytics on the cultivation side that I don't feel like anyone was really addressing.” -- Jake from Peninsula Gardens

Optimizing operations is easy with access to your data.

“We really want to make sure we have that data, so we can get the most out of what we're doing here at Peninsula.” -- Jake from Peninsula Gardens

From 24/7 visibility to saving entire crops...

“Every time that I hear about AROYA, saying it helped kind of overcome some old stumbling blocks…all issues that you could avoid because you had eyes on it with 24/7 data logging. I mean, that's one thing I value so much about it and I'm glad people do value it because any time we can save someone's crop, it's big news.” -- Seth Baumgartner


Better business decisions? Yeah, AROYA helps with that.

“Get that consistency in there. I’ve heard from a lot of clients, and they just talk about even some of the best growers, they're going to be able to hit it out of the park with yields. You know, maybe their next trend wasn't quite as high up and after; they started getting that into the system and it was like, we can do projectability on what we're going to get out of this grow cycle, out of what we're used to getting from these strains, analyze our standard deviation on that crop, and then really be able to tell the sales team, ‘This is what's coming down in the future.' So it’s great for your entire team and for the business overall.” -- Jason Van Leuven

The cheat code to level-up your grow.

“Good growers are always reading the plant. If there's signs of stress, there's things that we're constantly looking at, runoff, all these things that we're used to doing as basement guys, knowing the plant very well. But then when you get these tools in your hands, it's almost like a cheat code.” -- Jake from Peninsula Gardens


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