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Office Hours
Episode 6

This week, our growing virtual audience got to bring their questions to be answered by our hosts and experts, CEO Scott Campbell, and Director of Customer Success, Jason Van Leuven. We were even joined by a special guest this episode, Susan Newman, Director of After Sales-Professional Services in Professional Services at METER Group.

Incorrect drying can cost you.

"If you don't do drying correctly, and if you don't dry consistently, you're going to miss a 1% to 3% of your finished dry weight of product." -- Scott Campbell

Standardization is key to protecting your yields.

"We use a ton of energy cultivating the absolute best plants you can. And so with just a little bit more standardization through that drying process, it protects all those resources, all that input energy to get to that point." -- Jason Van Leuven

Yes, mold growth can absolutely be avoided.

"Drying consistently will get you higher dry weight yields for your product but it also protects terpenes … and the product from mold growth." -- Scott Campbell

Oh snap! Now there's a better way to test product.

"The cool thing about it is, the testing that we do is not destructive." -- Susan Newman

Success in drying all boils down to science.

"What are you trying to achieve? And how can we use science to help you get there? That's really what we're focused on." -- Susan Newman

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