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High precision EC and VWC measurements

Gain insights into your substrate. The substrate sensor is a high accuracy water content and EC sensor designed for all growing media. 

The METER substrate sensor combines METER’s trademark 70 MHz circuitry with an extremely ruggedized epoxy fill and securely attached, sharpened stainless steel needles that easily slip into the soil and are resistant to salts, so you can worry less about sensor deterioration. This sensor is designed to collect highly accurate moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity (EC) readings across all growing media. The sensor model measures the volumetric water content (VWC) from 0-100%, the substrate, the temperature between -40 and +50°C and the electrical conductivity (EC) in the range 0 to 23 dS/m.

The EC SUBSTRATE SENSOR delivers the best volume of influence to sensor size on the market so you’re less susceptible to varying substrate sizes. Legendary technology with an ultra-rugged form and a new calibration procedure to deliver an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

Not all substrate sensors are the same: The EC SUBSTRATE SENSOR uses a high-frequency capacitance sensing technique. Learn more about all sensing technologies (read more).

This is the ultimate substrate crop steering tool.



Volumetric water content (VWC)

Soilless media calibration: 0.0–1.0 m3/m3
Apparent dielectric permittivity (εa): 1 (air) to 80 (water)

NOTE: The VWC range is dependent on the media the sensor is calibrated to. A custom calibration will accommodate the necessary ranges for most substrates.

0.001 m3/m3
Generic calibration: ±0.03 m3/m3 (±3.00% VWC) typical in mineral soils that have solution EC <8 dS/m
Medium specific calibration: ±0.01–0.02 m3/m3 (±1–2% VWC) in any porous medium
Apparent dielectric permittivity (εa): 1–40 (soil range) , ±1 εa (unitless) 40–80, 15% of measurement

Dielectric measurement frequency

70 MHz


Range: −40 to 60 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Accuracy: ±0.5 °C from −40 to 0 °C
±0.3 °C from 0 to +60 °C

Bulk electrical conductivity (ECb)

Range: 0 to 20 dS/m (bulk)
Resolution: 0.001 dS/m
Accuracy: +/- (5% +0.01 dS/m) from 0 to 10 dS/m
+/- 8% from 10 to 20 dS/m

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