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Reliable, consistent quality with every greenhouse crop. METER Group hardware and software are designed to help cultivators grow quality crops in every corner of the greenhouse.

Office Hours
Episode 1

Join us every Thursday at 4:20 p.m. ET, to engage in lively and insightful conversation with our experts here on Team AROYA on all things cultivation and cannabis production. We love answering questions and we love even more when our community comes together.
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Office Hours
Episode 2

Our second episode of AROYA Office Hours was a huge success. The team took your crop steering and cannabis cultivation questions to our CEO Scott Campbell, and our Director of Customer Success, Jason Van Leuven.
Office hours59 min watch

Data that makes a difference. Our platform helps cultivators track and manage daily greenhouse activities, collect results, then use the real-time data to improve product quality with every harvest - consistently, reliably, and at scale.


From farm to feeling good.

Loudpack creates and cultivates some of the highest-quality cannabis products in the world. By partnering with AROYA, they’re able to continue scaling, experimenting, and perfecting their craft.
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Preferred Gardens
Obsessed with perfection.

Preferred Gardens is unstoppable in their passion to produce a quality of product that blows minds and flies off shelves. AROYA helps them push the boundaries of what’s possible.
Case Studies4 min read
Preferred Gardens

Make task management less of a chore. Historical intelligence like post-harvest data and workforce metrics let you bring what’s worked in the past into the present - so your craft cultivation is primed and ready for success in the future.


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Quality, assured. METER Group solutions give your cultivation team the support they need, while giving them the intelligence to grow quality crops in the greenhouse year over year.


When you partner with AROYA, you’re not just getting precision sensor equipment and a powerful cannabis production software platform. You’re also getting tailored, high-touch customer service and support from pre-install to post-harvest and beyond.

"We just couldn't figure out why certain rooms were doing better than others. That’s when I was introduced to AROYA, and it's been life changing. It's been so amazing for our team to take all of the guessing out of growing cannabis. We're able to feed the streams that we have. We're able to time our dry-backs."

 - Anna Wiley, CEO | California Artisanal Medicine

Giving voice to the greenhouse. From EC and moisture content, to relative humidity and temperature, our substrate and environment sensors take the guesswork out of managing the greenhouse.


Gain insights into your substrate with the unique substrate sensor. Measure soil water content and EC with unparalleled accuracy.
  • measures substrate EC & VWC
  • repeatable and reliable
  • optimize fertigation
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Precision climate analysis and benchmarking. Reliably monitor air temperature, relative humidity, barometric and vapor pressure.
  • 4-in-1 sensor
  • real-time readouts
  • detailed and precise VPD
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Monitor your lighting schedule and measure the amount of light in your canopy.
  • wireless data transmission
  • ultra-long battery lifetime
  • measures below canopy PAR
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Learn. Apply. Grow. Every business can learn from data. Find out key insights on greenhouse cultivation in our Knowledge Base.

The cannabis processor’s complete guide to drying

Learn everything about how water activity can increase your profit and improve product quality and safety—all in one place.
Education guides17 min read