All new HYPROP-VIEW software

All new HYPROP-VIEW software



Download the HYPROP-VIEW software

The new HYPROP-VIEW data logging software simplifies sample-based measurements with one or several HYPROP balances. Start or stop a new HYPROP measurement or refill a HYPROP sensor unit at any time—even if another HYPROP measurement is running. Both functions are supported, regardless of whether you have only one HYPROP balance with several HYPROP units or one individual balance for each HYPROP unit. The last option is recommended for up to ten balance and HYPROP sets.

HYPROP-VIEW now automatically recognizes HYPROP balances as well as any KERN EG 2200 balance. No need to install them manually. It used to be a laborious and inaccurate process to correct the offset in HYPROP-FIT. Now the offset is conveniently determined during the refilling process.

The new HYPROP-VIEW software also creates a HYPROP-FIT data file. This eliminates the elaborate data conversion. HYPROP-VIEW is only compatible with the HYPROP balance or a KERN EG 2200.


The new HYPROP-FIT is an excellent software program for evaluating evaporation experiments and fitting hydraulic functions to data. We’ve updated it to be faster, more accurate, more reliable, and more comprehensive. Use it also with the WP4C to create full soil moisture release curves.

Download HYPROP-FIT software

User interface

  • A new look and feel makes the user interface even more intuitive.
  • You can now evaluate data from samples with different geometries.
  • Entries for soil specification and site description are included by default in the information window. Thus, these data are always directly connected to the measurements.
  • You can now open HYPROP-FIT “on the fly” from inside HYPROP-VIEW.

Data evaluation

  • It’s now more convenient to import WP4C-measured data to construct retention curves across the full moisture range.
  • Retention and conductivity data from external measurements can be easily added by cutting-and-pasting from a spreadsheet program.
  • Imported data can be assigned individual weights in the fitting process.


  • HYPROP-Fit software sets the standard for fitting measured data with hydraulic functions. It’s quick, robust, accurate, and versatile.
  • The new and comprehensive suite of hydraulic functions includes commonly used models such as Brooks and Corey, Kosugi, and van Genuchten in their traditional form and as bimodal functions. It also adds functions like the Fredlund-Xing model, which is widely used in geotechnical engineering and is particularly suited for coarse-grained materials.
  • All models are available in so-called “PDI” variants, which are particularly useful to describe hydraulic functions across the full measurement range. These functions consider adsorbed water on grain surfaces and in pore corners in both the retention and the conductivity function.
  • Field capacity and plant-available water content are directly calculated from the fit and shown.


  • Export for HYDRUS users is improved. Any fitted function is written into a MATER.IN file that can be directly used to perform numerical simulations of water transport.
  • Export to EXCEL worksheets lists all relevant data: raw measurements, calculated hydraulic conductivity and retention data, fitted functions, and parameters of fitted functions and their uncertainty.


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Automated Everything

After setup, the HYPROP generates a wet range soil moisture release curve in only 3-5 days. To save you even more time, it can operate while being left unattended.

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