ATMOS 14 Gen 2 comparison

ATMOS 14 Gen 2 comparison

ATMOS 14 Gen 2 is now compatible with a fan-aspirated radiation shield (Apogee TS-100), and temperature sensor accuracy now meets WMO recommendations. An improved physical design and calibration process yields higher performance and includes a field replaceable sensor daughter card for easy maintenance. An individual calibration certificate is now available for each sensor. See comparison table below.

 ATMOS 14 Gen 1ATMOS 14 Gen 2
RH accuracy+/- 2% to 12% RH+/- 1.5% to 2% RH
RH equilibration time (63%)<40s in 1 m/s air stream<25s in 1 m/s air stream
RH hysteresis+/- 1% RH, typical+/- 0.8% RH, typical
RH drift+/- 0.5% RH/yr, typical+/- 0.25% RH/yr, typical
Barometric pressure range50 to 110 kPa1 to 120 kPa
Barometric pressure accuracy+/- 0.4 kPa+/- 0.05 kPa at 25 °C
Barometric pressure driftNot specified<0.1 kPa/yr, typical
Temperature accuracy+/- 0.3 to 0.8 °C+/- 0.2 °C*
Temperature drift<0.04 °C/yr, typical<0.03 °C/yr, typical
Temperature equilibration time (63%)<400s in 1 m/s air stream<165s in 1 m/s air stream
*Meets WMO recommendations

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