METER Legacy Handheld Devices

METER Legacy Handheld Devices

ProCheck Sensor Read-Out and Storage System

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    A researcher testing a plant with a soil moisture sensor

  • Description

    New and improved-statistical capabilities

    The latest version of the ProCheck (the ProCheck C) includes the ability to calculate and display the average and standard deviation for sequentially collected portable measurements.

    Real-time readings

    Plug in the handheld ProCheck to get a real-time reading from any METER sensor*.

    Use in large scale installations

    During large-scale sensor installations, the ProCheck lets you monitor a sensor’s reading as it is installed. Readout values help you detect installation problems (poor sensor to soil contact, air pockets, rocks, etc.) before you repack the hole or trench.

    Assign SDI-12 addresses

    ProCheck can be used to assign SDI-12 addresses to digital sensors (these include the 5TE, 5TM, GS3, MPS-2, and CTD) for easier SDI-12 programming.

    Check soil moisture instantly

    ProCheck is most often used to spot-check soil moisture, but it can also instantaneously read any other environmental sensor. Press a button to save up to 5,000 individual readings. Each reading includes sensor type, date, time, raw value, calibrated value, and calibration coefficients.

    Apply custom calibrations

    When reading soil moisture sensors, pick from a list of supplied factory calibrations for both soil and soilless media or input your own calibration. Data stored can be downloaded in EXCEL format using the included software.


    A rugged case is available if you plan on using your ProCheck in multiple locations.

    *excludes the MAS-1 and EA-10, which are 4-20 mA sensors

  • Specifications
    Sensor input ports1
    Sensor port type3.5-mm stereo plug connector
    Sensor typesFirmware versions up to 1.5C: All environmental, soil moisture, and water potential sensors sold by METER before November 2012.

    Firmware versions after 1.5C: All environmental, soil moisture, and water potential sensors sold by METER

    NOTE: See more specifics in the Data logger compatibility tables.

    Display128 x 64 graphical
    Data storage1 MB (5,000 readings)
    Battery capacityFour AA alkaline batteries
    Battery life500 to 1,000 h
    Computer communicationSerial RS-232 to USB
    Software interfaceECH2O Utility, compatible with Windows
    EnclosureSplash-proof polycarbonate
    Enclosure ratingIP20, NEMA 1
    Enclosure size15.5 cm × 9.5 cm × 3.3 cm (6.1 in × 3.7 in × 1.3 in)
    Operating environment5 to +50 °C (0%–100% relative humidity)
    COMPLIANCEManufactured under ISO 9001:2015

    EM ISO/IEC 17050:2010 (CE Mark)

  • Comparisons
    PROCHECK FW <1.5CAll METER environmental, soil moisture, and water potential sensors (except for VP-3, ES-2 series, SRS sensors, MAS-1, EA-10)1 MBMineral soil calibrations, soilless substrate calibrations, custom calibrationsSDI-12 sensor addressing
    ProCheck FW >1.5CAll METER environmental, soil moisture, and water potential sensors (except for MAS-1, EA-10)1 MBMineral soil calibrations, soilless substrate calibrations, custom calibrationsStatistical analysis of collected data
  • Manuals and software
    • ProCheck firmware updater
    • METER USB driver (8.0)
    • ProCheck manual
    • Sensor compatibility chart
    • GSA details


      A note on updating your ProCheck:

      In August of 2012, METER made hardware changes to the ProCheck device, which added some new capabilities to the device.  These include:

      • On-the-go statistical calculations
      • The ability to read additional sensors, including ES-2, VP-3, VP-4, SRS, REC-1, CTD+DG, Apogee SI-4xx IRT’s, and UMS T8 sensors.
      • Additional onboard storage

      ProCheck devices purchased after August of 2012 automatically have these capabilities.  ProCheck devices purchased before August of 2012 will require both a firmware and hardware update to utilize the new capabilities.  To determine if your ProCheck contains the new hardware, ensure that the firmware version (found on the bottom left part of the ProCheck screen) has “1.50C” or higher at the end. Newer ProCheck devices can upgrade to our latest firmware found below:

      If your ProCheck firmware version ends in a “B” or lower, then firmware version 1.38 will be the highest version that you can update.  If the sensor you wish to read with your ProCheck is not on this list, you will need to upgrade your ProCheck.  Contact METER sales or your local sales representative to upgrade your old ProCheck.

      Download: ProCheck-R1-38-Updater.exe

      Download: ProCheck-R1-73C-Updater.exe

      Sensors Supported By ProCheck B

      ECT/RT-1ECRN-50 Precip10HS
      PYRECRN-50 VolDavis Anemometer


      ECH20-TE (Extended EC)Millivolt

      Use this software to update the firmware in your ProCheck to the latest version. The firmware is the software that runs inside your instrument. The ProCheck Firmware Updater updates the firmware in your instrument.

      Note: Download any data stored on your ProCheck before running the updater because the updater will erase all data stored on the ProCheck.

      1. Click the link above to download the latest ProCheck Updater to your computer running Windows (this file may be deleted after running the updater).
      2. Launch the update software found in your download folder.
      3. Connect your ProCheck to a serial port on your computer. Select the serial port from the Comm Port control. Click the Start button.
      4. Follow the on-screen prompts. Don’t disconnect your ProCheck from the computer until the update process is finished.
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