METER Thermal Properties

METER Thermal Properties

KD2 Pro Thermal Properties Instrument (discontinued)

See our new  TEMPOS thermal properties analyzer

    Thermal Properties Accessories

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    • TR-3 Sensor Pilot Pins

      Pilot pins for the TR-3 Sensor can be purchased in packs of five.

    • TR-3 Sensor Drill Bits

      Need replacement drill bits for making pilot holes for your TR-3 sensor?  The bit is hardened steel, 2.40mm diameter, 117mm long.

    • RK-3 Hammer Bits

      Need replacement roto hammer bits for making pilot holes for your RK-3 sensor? The bit is a 5/32″ SDS-Plus Drill bit, 4″ usable length (6″ TL), 4-flute design for fast dust removal.

    • Arctic Alumina

      Arctic Alumina thermal grease helps improve contact between the sensor needle and the material being measured. Ask for part number 40050 pricing and availability.

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    Accurate readings at top speed

    For over four decades, scientists and engineers have relied on our analyzer for measuring thermal properties in almost anything—and we mean anything.

    Avoid costly engineering mistakes

    Classify expansive soils with the WP4C