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METER Supporting Software

DataTrac 3

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    Lots of soil moisture data was exactly what you wanted. But how can you interpret it both quickly and meaningfully? Use DataTrac 3 to transform endless columns and rows of raw data into meaningful, easily-interpreted graphs.

    Download DataTrac 3 (version 3.15)


    • Explore trends and relationships in real time.
    • Adjust date ranges, add or subtract data from specific sensors, and change target bands to illustrate and explore your findings.
    • Use DataTrac’s Growing Tools to combine data streams and track meaningful indicators; For example, plot vapor pressure deficit instead of just temperature and humidity. Or track reference evapotranspiration, growing degree days, plant available water, pore water EC, etc.
    • Use the “Virtual Sensor” tool to add information you wish you had; For example, you can measure precipitation on just one logger and make that data stream a “virtual sensor” on every logger at that site.
    • Automatically collect data from your Em50G loggers; All data—including manually collected data—will be automatically organized and added to your files chronologically.
    • Watch your data in real time. DataTrac 3 updates automatically while it’s running and every time it starts up.
    • Add notes and ideas to the data stream. Comments and reminders can help you make sense of a growing season’s worth of data later.
    • Educate and inform your team efficiently. DataTrac 3’s graphics reduce the time and expertise needed to understand soil moisture data.
    • With this much data, you can spend enormous amounts of time just scrolling back and forth. DataTrac 3 lets you explore your data graphically and discover answers and unexpected insights much more quickly.
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    OS COMPATIBILITYMS Windows XP or higherMS Windows 98 and higherMS Windows 98 and higherPocket PC 2003, Pocket PC 2003SE, or Windows Mobile 5 or higher
    SUPPORTED SENSORSAll METER sensorsMETER sensors made before 2007All METER sensorsAll METER sensors
  • Manuals and software
  • Installation

    Download DataTrac 3 (version 3.15)

    Installing DataTrac 3

    1. When prompted, enter the required user information and your registration key. If you do not have a key, simply click “Evaluate DataTrac 3.”  This option allows you to evaluate DataTrac 3 for free for 30 days.
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install DataTrac 3 on your PC.

    Quickstart guide

    Directly connect to a logger

    1. Connect your USB cable between the COM port on the METER data logger and the USB port of your computer.
    2. Select the COM Port option from the Connect Via dropdown menu in the toolbar.
    3. Click the connect button in the toolbar.

    Configure a logger

    1. Once your logger is connected, click on Configure in your toolbar.
    2. Click on Sensors and Measurements in the tree on the left and set your measurement interval.
    3. Under Sensors and Measurements, select the sensor plugged into each port of the data logger from the Sensor Type dropdown menu.

    Download from an Em50G

    1. Select Setup > Create New > Em50G Subscription.
    2. Enter the Device ID and password found on the brightly colored card that came inside your Em50G.
    3. Click OK.
    4. If you don’t have a dataset, feel free to use a sample file. This Em50G is currently installed in an Eastern Washington vineyard. Use the following login information to check it out: Username: 5GBETA09 Password: lesh-ibid

    Feedback and bug requests

    We are committed to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction to our DataTrac 3 customers. To this end, our development team has made it quick and easy to send your feedback directly to us. Simply click Help > Send METER (or Decagon in some devices) Feedback. We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

  • Versions

    Revision 3.11


    • Added device support for CTD+DG, 10TM, REC1, IRT, VP-4, T8
    • Added initial support RDM25, PT150
    • Resolves an issue when exporting very large data sets
    • Increases Em50G timeout, to allow downloading over slower connections
    • Several minor issues resolved

    Revision 3.10


    • Added device support for GS-1, CTD-5, CTD-10
    • Added language support for Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish (Known issue when generating reports in Japanese characters may render incorrectly)
    • Improved existing translations for Spanish, Catalan, French, German
    • Added feature report options: report name from tree name instead of device name
    • Various bug fixes

    Revision 3.9


    • New Growing Tool: Saturation Extract Electrical Conductivity
    • Support for MPS-6
    • CTD Water Level depth now supports feet
    • Minor bug fixes

    Revision 3.8


    • Added support for Spectral Reflectance Sensors
    • Added Support for DS-2 Sonic Anemometer
    • PDF’s should now render correctly on iPhone devices
    • Proxies should now be automatically detected and used when present
    • Axes colors should now properly be applied to their respective axes
    • Several stability improvements, localization improvements

    Revision 3.7


    • Significant performance improvements
    • Fixed issues with redeploy
    • Fixed issues with Chill Hours / Growing Degree Day Start End Interval
    • Added additional soil calibration parameter
    • Added Spanish / French
    • Fixed typos and mistranslations with other languages
    • Improved connection error messages
    • New feature: batch report generation
    • New feature: multiple reports – one PDF
    • Update Help file to reflect new features and changes to software
    • Improved report layout
    • Merged Command Line Interface (CLI) version of DataTrac with standard version to increase reliability and decrease size of installer.  Please see DataTrac3 CLI Spec.pdf for details.
    • Numerous other bug fixes

    Revision 3.6


    • Added support for ES-2 Sensor
    • Added support for SRS Sensors
    • Added support for VP-3 Sensor
    • Improved reports

    Revision 3.56/14/2012

    • Better anemometer sensor support
    • Added wind direction data to chart
    • Improved tool tips on chart for anemometer
    • Added mechanism to quickly duplicate plant available water settings to all ports on a device
    • Auto calculate measurement intervals for growing tools that require an interval
    • Auto correct corrupted timestamps for imported data
    • Added support for reference evapotranspiration growing tools
    • Changed groundwater depth mm measurements to better reflect expected values
    • Improved port labeling when configuring a device
    • Added hotkeys to quickly switch measurement units for Volumetric Water Content
    • Ctrl+1 – m3/m3, Ctrl+2 – % VWC, Ctrl+3 – cm/m, Ctrl+4 – Dielectric Permittivity, Ctrl+5 – IPF
    • Added altitude to device info configuration
    • Supports copying device settings between loggers
    • Additional bug fixes and optimizations

    Revision 3.4


    • Added Catalan and German versions of DataTrac
    • Localized dates/measurements
    • Localized installer for Catalan and German
    • Improved speed of graph with bar charts
    • Improved performance when disconnecting from Rm1
    • Added Command Line Interface (CLI)
    •  Added warning message in configuration dialog if measurement interval is “Off”
    • Improved cellular-to-serial virtual serial port support
    • Added logo into report
    • Improved sensor label in summary column header
    • Added ability to surrender current registration key
    • Improved logger comparison dialog to include logger name
    • Change explanation text for 5TE and 5TM
    • Add Data Source information to Derive Data Product configuration page
    • Bug fixes with:
    • Drain Gauge
    • Loading some DXD Files
    • Fontsize in reports
    • Target axes
    • Invalid dates from logger caused problems
    • Improper GSM settings
    • Tooltip error after report generation
    • Dozens of other bug fixes!

    Revision 3.3


    • Added processing upcoming sensors: G3 Drain Gauge, CTD Sensor, RS3
    • GS3 Sensor.
      -Improved data exportation
      -Improved target range behavior
      -New longer graph annotations

    Revision 3.2


    • Fixed problems with 3.1 release related to communication with data stations
    • Improved stability and reliability of growing tools
    • Improve two-way radio comm for anti-RF conditions Using the Ack/Nack method
    • Fixed Time zone issues
    • Improved ranged of y axis labels
    • Added provision for logger name in Rm1 connection
    • Summary area auto adjust
    • X and Y axis rescales when changing window size
    • Enable File Import to select more than one file
    • Fixed issue with tool tip popup popping up at wrong point on some data sets

    Revision 1829


    • Added growing tools to table view, summary view, and excel export
    • Displays differences between DT3 database configuration and logger configuration
    • Selecting folders displays last reading averaged at each depth with standard deviations
    • Added chill hour growing tool
    • Included USB drivers with installer
    • Improved registration key handling
    • Improved spacing between units and values during scan
    • Added solid lines on chart bottom and left borders-tool tip was missing from bar charts
    • Fixed bugs with single item time shifting and hiding of measurements
    • Limited input on rename box
    • Mouse over data point partially hidden by mouse pointer

    Revision 1758


    • Improved robustness of communication
    • Fixed problems with multiple target ranges being draw for virtual sensors
    • Fixed bug with invisible axes causing problems for other axis settings
    • Fixed issues with hidden measurements not staying hidden
    • Fixed issues with hidden measurements showing up as interpolated data rather than really being hidden
    • Fixed numerous problems with running on system with foreign characters

    Revision 1738


    • Improved excel file generation
    • Fixed logging issues when run in non-admin mode
    • Fixed Em5B issues
    • Improved report generation
    • Robust handling of bad y-axis ranges
    • Fixed issues with port names for some drivers
    • Added additional “snap to” possibilities for x-axis ranges
    • Cleans up better after itself upon exit
    • Minor improvements for sensor processing
    • Fixed issues with daily light integral
    • Fixed printing issues
    • Fixed issues with redeploy
    • Fixed issues with setting axis colors and ranges
    • Added counts in for leaf wetness sensor
    • Added “View Auto Import Directory” to help menu
    • Vastly increased speed of startup and moving loggers when lots of
      loggers are present on system
    • Improved import of devices from DataTrac2 databases
    • Improved feedback during DataTrac2 database import
    • Better consistency between tree name and device name

    Revision 1661


    • Fixed problems with running on systems with foreign language
      characters (including accent marks over letters)
    • Improved behavior of reploy to work better with Em50Gs
    • Improved behavior when dealing with bad decatime values
    • Fixed problems with highlighting points when working on data with lots of partitioned segments
    • Fixed issues with plant available water
    • Fixed issues with user supplied annotations, although annotations previously  entered will need to be reentered to make this work properly
    • Added units to tooltip information
    • Improved behavior of device tree
    • Hidden times are not included in “period” selection
    • Improved behavior of discover radio
    • Added help button for Plant Available Water growing tool
    • Fixed precision issues with GS3/Davis Anemometer
    • Other minor bug fixes

    Revision 1627


    • Added user specified legend label for growing tools
    • Fixed issue in which newly downloaded data failed to update plot
    • Hovering over a trace draws trace, its axis, and its legend in bold

    Revision 1621


    • Fixed units of plant available water growing tool
    • Added dielectric permittivity measurement type for a few sensors
    • Fixed issue with configuring data stations
    • Added “Hide Before Date” tool to hide measurements before a specified date
    • Fixed issues with redeploy
    • Fixed issues with time-shifting data
    • Fixed issue with axis list in configuration dialog
    • Fixed issue with summary info getting lost on main screen
    • Cleaned up options for volume in the preferences dialog

    Revision 1604


    • Improved interval between x-axis labels and tick marks; for example, the interval might be every hour rather rather than every 63 minutes
    • Growing Tools can now be used for target ranges
    • Redesigned plant available water settings
    • Updated DataTrac archive icon (adb) and loads properly in DataTrac from double clicking file
    • Fixed issues with updating Power Frequency
    • Davis Anemometer’s unit types (mph, km/h, etc.) have been fixed for various measurements
    • Fixed summary information (number of events, etc.) for Davis Anemometer
    • Fixed issues with Show/Hide data
    • Fixed bugs with redeploy and connect from menu
    • Fixed bug with erasing data
    • Changed sensor validity determination for several sensors

    Revision 1573


    • Corrected axis label for vapor pressure deficit growing tool
    • Cleaned up identity device configuration panel
    • Fixed issue with clicking on a folder when configuration dialog was open
    • Fixed missing external measurements issue
    • Fixed issue with coefficients being lost when changing units
    • Improved accuracy of “period” information on chart view
    • Fixed issue with automatic plot width calculations
    • Corrected gusts equation for Davis Anemometer

    Revision 1563


    • Fixed issues with Datatrac freezing when moving devices and when downloading from Em50Gs
    • Fixed issues with coefficients
    • Fixed issue with “number of events” in summary view for ECRN-50s
    • Fixed issues with database archives
    • Fixed issues with device tree control

    Revision 1552


    • Fixed 30 day trial issue with 64bit machines (such as most Windows 7 machines)
    • Fixed vapor pressure growing degree tool
    • Fixed EC-10 calibrations
    • Fixed issue with viewing unprocessed data in table

    Revision 1548


    • Added Davis Anemometer
    • Reduced “flickering” of device tree
    • Improved DataTrac archive

    Revision 1540


    • Fixed problems with resizing DataTrac

    Revision 1536


    • -Fixed radio connection initialization issues
    • Improved default names for backup files
    • Corrected battery life information

    Revision  1525


    • Fixed bug with DataTrac freezing after Em50G download.

    Revision 1515


    • Axes become bold when a corresponding trace in the legend is rolled over
    • The Connection > Download > All Data Services will download the
      latest data from all Em50Gs
    • DataTrac Preferences has a setting under the “Communications” tab
      to disable automatic Em50G updates or to specify the auto download interval.  This feature was implemented for users with over 10 Em50G loggers.
    • There is now an “Show Measurements” option under setup which is the opposite of “Hide Measurements”
    • The calibration coefficients for volumetric water content have been reformatted to hopefully make them easier to work with.
    • Improved stability of initial device communication
    • Minor bug fixes discovered by beta users

ECH2O Utility 

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  • Description

    Use ECH2O Utility software to connect to and to configure your Em50, Em50 Solar, Em50G, Em50G Solar or Em5b data logger.

    Download ECH2O Utility Version 1.83 (free software download)

    ECH2O Utility allows you to:

    • Calculate how many days of storage you have based on your preferred measurement interval
    • Monitor battery life
    • Name data logger, set date, time, and measurement interval, and specify sensors for each port using dropdown menus
    • Download both calibrated and unprocessed data to MS Excel or DataTrac

    ECH2O Utility features

    • Connect to ECH2O loggers directly or with radio telemetry
    • Set all logger configuration parameters with visual controls
    • Make real-time sensor measurements (scan sensors)
    • Create Excel or text files with raw or processed data
    • Create configuration and data files for use with DataTrac
    • Process data downloaded with ECH2O Utility Mobile
    • Test the quality of radio telemetry connections

    Minimum computer requirements

    • Hard disk with 20 MB of free space
    • Windows XP with 128 MB RAM
    • Available serial port (or USB to Serial adapter)
    • Microsoft Excel 97 or better (if saving data as xls files)
  • Specifications and comparisons

    System requirements:

    • 20 MB free hard drive space
    • Windows 98 or Windows ME with 64 MB RAM; Windows NT (SP5), 2000, XP, or 7 with 128 MB RAM
    • Availible serial or USB port
    • Microsoft Excel 97 or better (if saving data as xls files


    OS COMPATIBILITYMS Windows XP or higherMS Windows 98 and higherMS Windows 98 and higherLatest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE
  • Manuals and software


  • View data online
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  • Description

    Use www.ech2o.com to view your Em50G data online for free any time, anywhere.  The website allows you to:

    • View the most recent two weeks of data from any Em50G data logger (password protected)
    • Share your Em50G data with anyone, regardless of whether or not they have any METER software or products *
    • See the most recent measurements, battery power, and cellular signal from all of the Em50G data loggers that you’ve subscribed to

    Visit www.ech2o.com and sign up.  Or, use our trial subscription to check out the features if you don’t have an Em50G.

    User name: trial@decagon.com
    Password: MyDecagonTrial
    Don’t have an Em50G, but want to see what all the fuss is about? Log on and subscribe to one of METER’s trial loggers.  This logger is in a vineyard logging soil water content and water potential data.

    Device ID: 5GBETA09
    Device Password: lesh-ibid

  • Specifications and Comparisons

    System Requirements:

    • Latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (Chrome or Firefox recommended)
    • 1280 x 720 minimum screen resolution recommended
    • Em50G device ID and password
    • Valid e-mail address


    OS COMPATIBILITYMS Windows XP or higherMS Windows 98 and higherMS Windows 98 and higherLatest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE

HYPROP Software

Work less. Plug and play more.

The EM60G’s seamless system doesn’t require any integration. The hardware, software, connectivity, and firmware all work together automatically. So you get the data you need, in the format you want, anywhere …

Automated everything

After setup, the HYPROP generates a wet range soil moisture release curve in only three to five days. To save you even more time, it can operate while being left unattended.