Publish more. Work less.Why ZENTRA cuts research time in half

Publish more. Work less.
Why ZENTRA cuts research time in half

More of what you love

At METER, we think you should spend less time on busywork and more time doing what matters. ZENTRA is a complete system of sensors, loggers, and software that are easily deployed, require little maintenance, and put near-real-time data at your fingertips so you can publish more, and work less.

Picture of The ZENTRA system: Complete data confidence—far less effort
Figure 1. The ZENTRA system: Complete data confidence—far less effort


Screenshot of researcher checking for problems remotely in ZENTRA Cloud
Figure 2. Checking for problems remotely in ZENTRA Cloud


Below is a typical researcher workflow. Red indicates unnecessary work either eliminated or simplified by the ZENTRA system.


Diagram showing the typical researcher workflow
Figure 3. Typical researcher workflow

Less of what you hate

ZENTRA banishes unnecessary cost and labor, so you can spend more time doing what you love. Click the links in the table below to explore how each part of the system works together to simplify your research.

Problems solved by ZENTRAZENTRA solution
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Why it works
InstallationTEROS Borehole Installation ToolSpeeds up and mistake-proofs installation, eliminating errors that cause uncertainty
Data logger setupZL6 loggerConfigure via Bluetooth or Cloud, plug/play with METER sensors, integrated GPS, change settings remotely via ZENTRA Cloud
Sensor complexity, maintenance, + cobbling a sensor system together from multiple companiesFull suite of easy-to-use sensorsResearch-grade sensors with simple installation and quick setup, long life, little maintenance, complete measurement lineup
Manual data downloadsZENTRA CloudEasily download data for use with Excel, R, MatLab, etc., right from your browser
Field visitsZENTRA CloudChange settings remotely, check for problems remotely, Quickly visualize data to decide when to sample, daily email problem alerts
Error checkingZENTRA CloudInstant data visualization, target ranges, daily email alerts, combine data from across organizations
Storing data perpetuallyZENTRA CloudAvailable to all stakeholders invited to organization, data storage remains on the cloud, data available even when people change on projects
The need to easily combine data from multiple sitesZENTRA Cloud dashboardsAuto-graphing of multiple sites together
Data sharingZENTRA CloudInstant data sharing in near-real time, all stakeholders can view data the way they want
Easier installation and troubleshootingZSC Bluetooth sensor interfaceDuring sensor installations, the ZSC lets you monitor a sensor reading on your smartphone as it is installed.
Table 1. Why ZENTRA reduces your workload


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