SDI-12 compatible sensors and integration guides

SDI-12 compatible sensors and integration guides

TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor

The all-new TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor uses capacitance sensing technology to deliver an excellent price-to-performance ratio in a device that is easy to use and includes temperature and electrical conductivity.

TEROS 12 integration guide

5TE soil moisture sensor

The 5TE allows you to manage salts in your system by monitoring bulk electrical conductivity, as well as the volumetric water content and temperature of the soil.

5TE integration guide

5TM soil moisture sensor

The 5TM delivers temperature with its onboard thermistor, along with volumetric water content.

5TM integration guide

GS3 soil moisture sensor

The GS3 has METER’s signature accuracy and low cost and is designed specifically for use in soilless substrates. This sensor measures water content, temperature, and EC independently.

GS3 integration guide

TEROS 21 (MPS-6) water potential sensor

The TEROS 21 (formerly called MPS-6) measure a wide range of soil water potentials without user maintenance or calibration.

TEROS 21/MPS-6 integration guide

HYDROS 21(CTD-10) water level-temp-electrical conductivity sensor

The HYDROS 21 (formerly called CTD-10) sensor is a low cost, accurate tool for monitoring of water level, electrical conductivity and temperature.

CTD-10/HYDROS 21 integration guide

ATMOS 14 (VP-4) temp/RH sensor

Use the rugged ATMOS 14 (previously called the VP-4) to measure relative humidity, temperature, vapor pressure, and barometric pressure together with soil moisture probes in microclimate and evapotranspiration studies.

ATMOS 14/VP-4 integration guide

ATMOS 14 Gen 2 integration guide

ATMOS 41 all-in-one weather station 

The ATMOS 41 all-in-one weather station is designed for continuous monitoring of environmental variables, including all standard weather measurements. See performance data for the ATMOS 41 weather station.

ATMOS 41 integration guide

ATMOS 22 ultrasonic anemometer

The ATMOS 22 is a rugged, research-grade ultrasonic anemometer built specifically for agricultural, forestry, and environmental research applications.

ATMOS 22 integration guide

Spectral Reflectance Sensor (SRS)

The SRS allows you to measure NDVI or PRI vegetation indices at the plot or plant stand scale, and allows for non-destructive sampling of canopy greenup, senescence, and plant stress.

SRS – NDVI integration guide

SRS – PRI integration guide

ES-2 electrical conductivity sensor

The ES-2 Electrical Conductivity Sensor measures the electrical conductivity of water in a pipe or tank.  Pair the ES-2 with a GS3 or 5TE in the soil to develop a complete picture of the salts in a system as well as the salts remaining in the soil or substrate.

ES-2 integration guide

Drain Gauge G3

The Drain Gauge G3 Passive Capillary Lysimeter determines the volume of water and chemicals draining from the vadose zone into the groundwater.

Drain Gauge G3 integration guide


See our Data Logger Compatibility Tables to find the newest line of SDI-12 compatible sensors.

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