SDI-12: Everything you need to know to be successful

SDI-12: Everything you need to know to be successful

Figure 1. SDI-12 system


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SDI-12 is a communications protocol that comes with a myriad of possibilities for research. Explore the links below to understand the basics of setting up a system, SDI-12 pros and cons, and how to fix common problems.

Getting started

Pros and cons

Personnel needs

System setup

Sensors and integration guides

The ProCheck: your SDI-12 sidekick

Best practices

Addressing sensors

Example programs


Troubleshooting tools

SDI-12 best practices

In this webinar, Chris Chambers, METER customer support expert, teaches the best practices for setting up SDI-12 sensor networks.  He discusses what an SDI-12 network does, the pros and cons of SDI-12, how to design and build your own network and sensor bus, and how to troubleshooting problems.

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