SDI-12 personnel needs

SDI-12 personnel needs

SDI-12 will not save money

SDI-12 is not an economical choice. It is a good fit for certain projects, however, it is not a system that can run unattended. Money saved on data loggers and cables will nearly always be spent maintaining the system. People who don’t budget to maintain their SDI-12 system, will find it frequently ruins their data.

Test the system once a week

SDI-12 sensors are wired in series, like Christmas tree lights. If one sensor fails, it will bring down all the sensors on that port. A single sensor failure will have a significant effect on an entire system. Test the network at least once a week in order to prevent major loss of data. This job requires minimal training if using the ProCheck to test and troubleshoot, and it is essential to running a successful SDI-12 network. If this job is not performed both consistently and correctly, massive loss and/or corruption of data can occur.

Look for alternatives to save money

If weekly maintenance of a system is impractical, visit METERGroup.com to find other cost-efficient solutions.

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