SDI-12 troubleshooting tools

SDI-12 troubleshooting tools


METER recommends the ProCheck Sensor Readout and Storage System for any SDI-12 installation. Among other capabilities, the ProCheck instantaneously reads and addresses SDI-12 sensors, eliminating the hassle of trying to set addresses in serial mode before the SDI-12 session times out. Also, if a sensor line happens to go down, the ProCheck is the quickest and easiest way to find the faulty sensor and get the network back up as fast as possible. It is an invaluable and inexpensive tool. Learn more.

Diagram of sensor bus
Figure 1. Sensor bus

SDI-12 Bus

Wire multiple sensors to a single data logger port using and SDI-12 bus. SDI-12 buses are relatively easy to make.


A multimeter can be used for testing the continuity of the wires on SDI-12 buses. Any multimeter set to read resistance (ohms) will do the job. For more specific information and instruction on multimeter usage, visit the Troubleshooting page.

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