Troubleshooting METER soil moisture sensors

Troubleshooting METER soil moisture sensors


Most soil moisture sensor problems result from connectivity issues between the sensor and data logger. Cut or damaged sensor cables or loose connections at the data logger are typical culprits.

In this video, application and support specialist, Chris Chambers demonstrates his troubleshooting workflow and fixes for common problems. For more in-depth support, contact support.environment@metergoup.com

Plug and play in perfection

The EM60G’s seamless system doesn’t require any integration. The hardware, software, connectivity, and firmware all work together automatically. So you get the data you need, in the format …

Particle-size analysis, automated

PARIO allows for unattended, automated operation, with no interference by lab personnel. Just set it up and come back 6 hours later to a finished measurement with all the data you need.