Updating your ProCheck firmware

Updating your ProCheck firmware

A note on updating your ProCheck:

In August of 2012, METER made hardware changes to the ProCheck device, which added some new capabilities to the device.  These include:

  • On-the-go statistical calculations
  • The ability to read additional sensors, including ES-2, VP-3, VP-4, SRS, REC-1, CTD+DG, Apogee SI-4xx IRT’s, and UMS T8 sensors.
  • Additional onboard storage

ProCheck devices purchased after August of 2012 automatically have these capabilities.  ProCheck devices purchased before August of 2012 will require both a firmware and hardware update to utilize the new capabilities.  To determine if your ProCheck contains the new hardware, ensure that the firmware version (found in the About menu) has “1.50C” or higher at the end. Newer ProCheck devices can upgrade to our latest firmware found below:

If your ProCheck firmware version ends in a “B” or lower, then firmware version 1.38 will be the highest version that you can update.  If the sensor you wish to read with your ProCheck is not on this list, you will need to upgrade your ProCheck.  Contact METER sales or your local sales representative to upgrade your old ProCheck.

Download version 1.38: ProCheck-R1-38-Updater.exe

Download latest version: ProCheck-R1-70C-Updater.exe

ECT/RT-1ECRN-50 Precip10HS
PYRECRN-50 VolDavis Anemometer
ATMOS 14 (VP-4)TEROS 12Millivolt
Table 1. Sensors supported by ProCheck B

Use this software to update the firmware in your ProCheck to the latest version. The firmware is the software that runs inside your instrument. The ProCheck Firmware Updater updates the firmware in your instrument.

NOTE: Download any data stored on your ProCheck before running the updater because the updater will erase all data stored on the ProCheck.

  1. Click the link above to download the latest ProCheck Updater to your computer running Windows (this file may be deleted after running the updater).
  2. Launch the update software found in your download folder.
  3. Connect your ProCheck to a serial port on your computer. Select the serial port from the Comm Port control. Click the Start button.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts. Don’t disconnect your ProCheck from the computer until the update process is finished.

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