How to use the T8 with the Em50

How to use the T8 with the Em50

  1. Connection

    The Em50 uses the SDI-12 bus to communicate with the T8. To connect the T8 to the Em50, an adapter cable with stereo jack and 8pol female M12 connector is available from METER.



Figure 1. Pigtail vs. stereo
Table 1. Sensor connector wiring
  1. T8 configuration settings

In order to use the T8 with the Em50, some configurations have to be changed from the default settings. If the T8 is shipped together with the Em50, this is already done. Use tensioVIEW (Version 1.30 or higher) and the tensioLINK USB-converter to change the settings of the T8. The T8 needs to run FW 3.0 or higher.

Change the following settings to “on”:

SDI/SDI12 interface onon

System/3V supplyon

The sensor address and the sync mode has no influence on the behavior since the Em50 powers the T8 only on request and uses a broadcast address.

All other settings are not important for the Em50 usage.

  1. Em50 setup

The Em50 needs to run FW 2.23 or higher. Use the latest ECH20 utility for the setup. You can use any of the five ports to connect a T8. Choose “UMS T8 Tensiometer” for the port you connected to the T8. If you run a scan, it should deliver water tension and temperature as values.