Using SCWin (Short Cut) to read EC-5 and 10HS sensors with Campbell Scientific data loggers

Using SCWin (Short Cut) to read EC-5 and 10HS sensors with Campbell Scientific data loggers

1. Download EchoCSI.zip.

This program will only work in Windows.

2. Unzip the folder EchoCSI.zip.

3. Locate the file containing SCWin.exe.

It should be in C:\Program Files\Campbellsci\SCWin.

4. Place the following files from the unzipped EchoCSI.zip folder into the folder with SCWin.exe.












NOTE: If unable to find this directory path, search for the folder that contains SCWIN.exe, and place the files into that folder.

5. Open up SCWin.exe (Short Cut).

If using a V.3 copy of LOGGERNET, there should be a tab for SCWin (Short Cut) on the tool bar.

6. Select New to start a new program to read the ECH2O sensors.

a. Select the data logger that will read the probes.

b. Select the measurement interval.

A shorter measurement interval (i.e., 1 sec) is sometimes desirable when testing the probes but may cause problems in multiplexing applications.

6. Click on Sensors.

A new page with a file tree on it should open.

7. Under the Sensors file tree, double click on Meteorological.

8. Select Soil Moisture.

The EC‐5  and 10HS should appear on the tree along with other soil moisture probes.

9. Choose the sensor name.

If  the EC‐5 and 10HS don’t appear, check to make sure the files listed in step 4 are pasted into the correct location.

Follow the rest of the Short Cut screens to add in the right number of sensors.

  • Print out a wiring diagram (click on Wiring Diagram on the left of the screen).
  • Set up data storage.

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