Webinar - November 26, 2012

Becoming a Tensiometer and HyProp Wizard


In this webinar, Leo Rivera explores refill techniques for METER tensiometers and the HYPROP.  He covers syringe filling of tensiometers: how to fill the sensors and the base.  He also discusses vacuum system refilling, and he teaches how to assemble and refill the HYPROP.  The webinar ends with a quick look at the HYPROP VIEW software.

Download the “Researcher’s complete guide to water potential”—>

It’s not immortal, but almost

Specifically designed for field-use, the T4 tensiometer ceramic and shaft are engineered to be virtually indestructible when it comes to harsh weather. Plus, it can be filled without ever having to remove it, …

Automated everything

After setup, the HYPROP generates a wet range soil moisture release curve in only three to five days. To save you even more time, it can operate while being left unattended.