Webinar - November 26, 2012

Water Potential 301–How to Push Your Instruments Past their Specifications


Leo Rivera teaches the skills needed to create a soil water characteristic curve with wet end tensiometer data (Hyprop) and dry end dew point data (WP4C) that actually match up in the middle.

These techniques potentially make it possible for researchers to push their instruments past their specifications. Learn about issues surrounding these measurements, including the effects of hysteresis and changes in sample preparation methods required when you move into the wet range.

Download the “Researcher’s complete guide to water potential”—>

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With the WP4C, soil moisture release curves in the dry range have never been easier.

Automated everything

After setup, the HYPROP generates a wet range soil moisture release curve in only three to five days. To save you even more time, it can operate while being left unattended.