Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

DataTrac 3

  • DataTrac 3 - Em50G - SUPPORTING SENSORS - EM50 How do I correct the date on a bad dataset in DataTrac 3?

    If the batteries are removed from the EM50 logger series without being connected to a computer, the EM50 will record data with incorrect timestamps. Here’s how to correct the timestamps permanently in DataTrac 3:

    1. In the table view, select ALL of the incorrect dates.  
    2. From the Setup menu, select Timeshift.
    3. Enter the new start date of the first date in the selected records.
    4. Press OK, and the data will be corrected with the new date.
  • DataTrac 3 - Em50G - ENVIRONMENT Software - SUPPORTING SENSORS - EM50 How do I graph plant available water?

    In older versions of DataTrac, Plant Available Water was a setting that could be accessed from the top toolbar. In DataTrac 3, Plant Available Water is treated as a growing tool. To graph plant available water for any of your sensors:

    1. Click on the logger in the device tree where you would like to graph Plant Available Water.
    2. Click Configure in the toolbar.
    3. Select Virtual Port under Sensors and Measurements
    4. In the Virtual Measurement Type drop-down menu, select Growing Tools
    5. Under Select Derived Product Type drop-down menu, select Plant Available Water
    6. In the Volumetric Water Content drop-down menu, select the sensor data where you would like to apply the Plant Available Water model.
    7. Click Create Virtual Measurement
    8. Select your Approximate Mineral Soil Type or select User Defined Values and manually enter your percent volumetric water content at field capacity and permanent wilting point. Plant Available Water for each soil type will be estimated using methodology from the following reference: “Soil Water Characteristic Estimates by Texture and Organic Matter for Hydrologic Solutions”, K. E. Saxton and W. J. Rawls. Published in the Soil Science Society of America Journal. 70:1569-1578 (2006)
    9. Click OK

    Learn more about determining plant available water from field capacity and permanent wilting point


  • DataTrac 3 - Em50G - ENVIRONMENT Software - SUPPORTING SENSORS - EM50 How do I subscribe to an Em50G?
    1. Click Setup > Create New > Em50G Subscription
    2. Enter the Device ID and Password of the Em50G that you would like to subscribe to into the window that appears.
    3. Use the default server.
    4. If you would like to see all of the data from this Em50G, select All Data Points from the Retrieve dropdown menu.
    5. Click Subscribe.


  • DataTrac 3 - Em50G - ENVIRONMENT Software - SUPPORTING SENSORS - EM50 Adding sensor data from different loggers to my graph

    DataTrac 3 has the ability to integrate external measurements or measurements from a different logger into the graph that you’re viewing.  To use this tool:

    1. Click on the device in the device tree to whose graph you would like to add data.
    2. Select Configure from the toolbar at the top of the DataTrac 3 main screen.
    3. Under the Sensors and Measurements heading, select Virtual Port.
    4. From the dropdown menu labeled Select a Virtual Measurement Type, select External Measurement
    5. A drop-down menu will now be displayed, containing a list of all other data loggers and their respective measurements.
    6. Select the desired logger and measurement.
    7. Click the Create Virtual Measurement button, and then click OK at the bottom of the page.


  • DataTrac 3 - Em50G - ENVIRONMENT Software - SUPPORTING SENSORS - EM50 How do I apply a custom water content calibration to my sensor data?

    Factory calibration curves are provided for mineral soils, potting soils, perlite, and rockwool. Many of these factory calibrations have been verified by independent researchers and published in peer-reviewed journal articles.  If a factory calibration is not available, or you would like better accuracy, you can provide a custom calibration to the soil moisture sensor data collected.

    You can provide a custom calibration for each sensor independently.  To use a custom calibration in DataTrac 3:

    1. Click the Configure button in the toolbar of DataTrac.
    2. Under Sensors and Measurements list, expand the port containing the sensor for which you would like to input a custom calibration.
    3. Click on Volumetric Water Content under that port.
    4. Select User Defined from the Approximate Soil Media drop-down menu.
    5. Enter the coefficients for your custom calibration in the spaces provided.