Introducing ZL6 loggers

Introducing ZL6 loggers

Focus on data. Not distractions.

Designed to simplify and speed up the process of data collection, management, analysis, and sharing, ZL6 loggers give you incredibly easy access to your data—any way you like it.

ZENTRA Cloud ROI Calculator

Adjust the slider values to see how ZENTRA Cloud pays for itself and enables you to generate more peer-reviewed papers.


Miles to site ( km)

1 800

Researchers who go to the site

0 5

Assistants who go

0 5

Visits last year

1 50

How much do unnecessary site visits cost you?

Money (USD)Time (Hrs)Research Papers
Cost of one site visit
What did unnecessary field visits cost you last year?*
ZENTRA Cloud will pay for itself in saved visits
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* Site is over 300 miles away, result assumes one day's hotel ($125) and per diem ($60).

* Result assumes 2 data loggers for ZENTRA Cloud at $180 a year per data logger

* Result assumes a $12/hr wage per assistant, a $30/hr wage per researcher, travel cost for univ. vehicle $0.55/mile, 1 hours for one visit, and that one research paper takes 300 hours to generate. If site is over 300 miles away, result assumes one day's hotel and per diem.


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What's your data story?

With the release of our two new data loggers, we’re celebrating our passion for data with a giveaway. Share YOUR data story on Twitter with photo/video using hashtag #meterdatastory and mention @meter_env for a chance to win a free ATMOS 41 weather station and a ZL6 Pro data logger, which comes with three years of free ZENTRA Cloud!