Become an expert at environmental measurement

METER Group and Campbell Scientific

Become an expert at environmental measurement


If you’ve got a tight research budget, it’s critical that your research equipment is well suited to your experimental goals. You need good collaboration up front with skilled people who can understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

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METER and Campbell Scientific scientists have over 80 years combined experience obtaining high quality measurement data. We want to give you access to that wealth of information and insight. That’s why we’re collaborating to make it easier for researchers to understand the science behind the full range of measurements and solutions offered by both companies. We’re excited to announce a new co-sponsored series of master classes, podcasts, and informational guides designed to help you get it right every time

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Check out our first master class. Plus get updates on future co-sponsored webinars, podcasts, and articles.

Evapotranspiration—Pitfalls to Avoid & Why It’s Easier Than You Think.


A history of collaboration

From the beginning, METER and Campbell Scientific have collaborated to design many successful sensors and data collection platforms. Watch the video to see why.

Two trusted brands working together

For decades, Campbell Scientific and METER Group have been linked by shared origins, ownership, products, and ideas. Today, METER Group and Campbell Scientific are among the most recognized and respected brands in our industries.

Different companies. Shared values.

METER’s brand stands for simplicity and precision and is a closed platform. Campbell Scientific is an open platform with flexible and customizable solutions to fit unique experimental needs. Both brands are passionate about high-quality measurements for the ultimate defensibility of your data. 

A complete solution for your exact needs

Together, we produce a wide variety of research-grade offerings from high-quality, simple-to-use systems to customizable solutions for difficult and unique applications. 

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METER specializes in plug-and-play research-grade systems for soil moisture sensing, weather monitoring, cloud data logging, data visualization, and more.

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Campbell Scientific loggers, data-acquisition systems, and measurement and control products are used worldwide in atmospheric research and mesoscale weather networks.