All-in-one weather station


The weather station problem

Most weather stations are cluttered, complicated, and frustrating to install and maintain. Wiring and programming all the components can be a nightmare, and finding room to mount everything can be a challenge.

All-in-one weather stations solve many of these problems, but the tradeoff is flexibility. Adding just one more sensor often requires an extra data logger, making the weather station system more complicated and more expensive.

All-in-one plus one

Our solution is an all-in-one weather station…plus one. The all-new ATMOS 41 weather station is the first affordable all-in-one weather station that fulfills all your weather monitoring needs but doesn’t restrain you when you want to do more.

Weather station sensors—empowered

The ATMOS 41 weather station packages 12 weather sensors into a single, compact device for atmospheric conditions. It was designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates, such as Africa, which means there are no moving parts to fail. Installation and maintenance have been simplified to the maximum because there’s never any mechanical wear. No oiling or replacing bearings. Just reliability you can continue to count on.

Most all-in-one weather stations give you the option to measure solar radiation or precipitation, but not both. The ATMOS 41 weather station provides both measurements in one device, so you never have to compromise.

Plus, the ATMOS 41 weather station is accurate. Unlike any other weather station, specialized pins made of real gold measure every single drop of rain. The 0.017 mm resolution means it can accurately measure small rainfall and even heavy dew events that other rain gauges miss. And, no moving parts means the ATMOS 41 anemometer is accurate at low wind speeds. It even has an accelerometer, so you’ll always know the sensor is level and you’re getting accurate data.

Simply smarter

ATMOS 41 weather data (e.g., humidity, temperature, or atmospheric pressure) are transmitted over a single wire. That means you don’t have to use all of the ports on your data logger just for weather measurements. And, if you are using the ATMOS 41 weather station with our ZL6 data loggers, you have the flexibility to add any of our other sensors, like soil moisture.

The ATMOS 41 weather station works seamlessly with the ZL6 for simple, plug-and-play atmospheric data logging and cloud-based data storage and management. You can set up an entire weather monitoring system without any complex wiring or programming.

The weather station, reimagined

The ATMOS 41 weather station is a simple, compact, and connected device with the flexibility to do more than weather measurements. That is why we call it an all-in-one plus one, or two, or three…

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  • Measures 12 weather variables including: air temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, barometric pressure, wind speed, gust and direction, solar radiation, precipitation, lightning strike counter and distance
  • Easy installation
  • No moving parts
  • All weather station data transmitted over a single wire
  • Digital SDI-12 communication
  • Connect to ZL6 for data capture and management
  • Designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates
  • No louvered radiation shield to attract bugs
  • Accurate at low wind speeds because no moving parts will cause friction or fail
  • Detects fine-scale wind speed variations with 0.01 m/s resolution
  • Integrated weather station accelerometer detects if sensor is off-level
  • Integrated spring acts as a rain gauge filter to keep out large particles but still allow enough water flow
  • Optional bird deterrent fits perfectly on the weather station funnel


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Solar radiation

Range: 0 to 1750 W/m2
Resolution: 1 W/m2
Accuracy: ± 5% of measurement typical


Range: 0 to 400 mm/h
Resolution: 0.017 mm
Accuracy: ± 5% of measurement from 0 to 50 mm/h



0 to 47 kPa


0.01 kPa


Varies with temperature and humidity, ±0.2 kPa typical below 40 °C



0 to 100% RH (0.00-1.00)


0.1% RH


Varies with temperature and humidity, ±3% RH typical

Air temperature

Range: -50 to 60 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Accuracy: ± 0.6 °C

Humidity sensor temperature

Range: -40 to 50 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Accuracy: ± 1.0 °C

Barometric pressure

Range: 50 to 110 kPa
Resolution: 0.01 kPa
Accuracy: ± 0.1 kPa from -10 to 50 °C, ± 0.5 kPa from -40 to 60 °C

Horizontal wind speed

Range: 0 to 30 m/s
Resolution: 0.01 m/s
Accuracy: the greater of 0.3 m/s or 3% of measurement

Wind gust

Range: 0 to 30 m/s
Resolution: 0.01 m/s
Accuracy: the greater of 0.3 m/s or 3% of measurement

Wind direction

Range: 0° to 359°
Resolution: 1°
Accuracy: ± 5°


Range: -90° to +90°
Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: ± 1°

Lightning strike count

Range: 0 to 65,535 strikes
Resolution: 1 strike
Accuracy: variable with distance, >25% detection at <10km typical

Lightning average distance

Range: 0 to 40 km
Resolution: 3 km
Accuracy: variable



SDI-12 communication

Data logger compatibility

METER ZL6 and EM60 data loggers or any data aquisition systems capable of switched 3.6- to 15.0-VDC excitation and SDI-12 communication



Diameter: 10 cm (3.9 in)
Height: 28 cm (11.0 in), includes rain gauge filter

Operating temperature range

Minimum –50 °C
Maximum: 60 °C

NOTE: Barometric pressure and relative humidity sensors operate accurately at a minimum of –40 °C

Cable length

5 m (standard)
75 m (maximum custom cable length for additional cost)

NOTE: Contact Customer Support if a nonstandard cable length is needed.

Connector types

3.5-mm stereo plug connector or stripped and tinned wires


Supply voltage (VCC to GND)

Minimum: 3.6 VDC continuous
Maximum: 15.0 VDC continuous

NOTE: The ATMOS 41 weather station must be continuously powered in order to work properly

NOTE: For the ATMOS 41 weather station to meet digital logic levels specified by SDI-12, it must be excited at 3.9 VDC or greater.

Digital input voltage (logic high)

Minimum: 2.8 V
Typical: 3.0 V
Maximum: 5.5 V

Digital input voltage (logic low)

Minimum: -0.3 V
Typical: 0.0 V
Maximum: 0.8 V

Digital output voltage (logic high)

Typical 3.6 V

NOTE: For the ATMOS 41 weather station to meet digital logic levels specified by SDI-12, it must be excited at 3.9 VDC or greater.

Power line slew rate

Minimum: 1.0 V/ms

Current drain (during measurement)

Minimum: 0.2 mA
Typical: 8.0 mA
Maximum: 33.0 mA

Current drain (while asleep)

Minimum: 0.2 mA
Typical 0.3 mA
Maximum: 0.4 mA

Power up time (SDI ready)—aRx! commands

Typical: 10 s

Power up time (SDI ready)—other commands

Typical: 800 ms

Measurement duration

Typical: 110 ms
Maximum: 3,000 ms


Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015
EM ISO/IEC 17050:2010 (CE Mark)

Pyranometer spectral response

Spectral response estimate of Apogee silicon-cell pyranometers. Spectral response was estimated by multiplying the spectral response of the photodiode, diffuser, and adhesive. Spectral response measurements of diffuser and adhesive were made with a spectrometer, and spectral response data for the photodiode were obtained from the manufacturer.

California requires the following notice:

⚠️ WARNING: This product may contain chemicals including ethylene glycol, lead, nickel, styrene and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



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