ECH<sub>2</sub>O Em50

Data Logging

ECH2O Em50

Plug in sensors, start logging data

The Em50 is a self-contained data logger built to power, read, and log data from five sensors. All METER sensors work with the Em50; no programming is necessary.

No accessories required

The Em50 doesn’t need an enclosure or an external power source. The logger case itself is rated NEMA 4, IP55 for long-term outdoor use, and the logger will run (and power its sensors) for one to three years, depending on your measurement interval, on 5 AA batteries. For extended battery life try the Em50 Solar, which uses 5 AA NiMH batters and a built in solar panel.

Simple setup

The Em50 has 5 sensor ports and one communication port. Rather than having a screen and a keyboard, the Em50 is configured by plugging a laptop into the comm port. The included ECH2O Utility software provides setup windows which name the logger, set the logger clock, select the type of sensor on each port, and specify how often you want the sensors read.

Stores 36,000 data scans

The Em50 can store more than 36,000 data scans. A scan includes the logger name, date, time, and measurements from each of the five ports.

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  • Five sensor ports
  • Plug and play capability
  • No accessories required
  • Simple setup
  • Stores 36,000 data scans
  • This model has a solar and cellular option


Input channels

5 channels, each supporting 12-bit analog, 32-bit digital, or pulse, compatible with any METER sensor

Data storage

1 MB (36,000 scans of all 5 ports)
Data storage type: Non-volatile flash, full data retention with loss of power

Operating environment

-40° to 60 °C, up to 100% RH

Power requirements

5 AA alkaline or lithium batteries, (typically good for 8-12 months)

Case dimensions

12.7 cm x 20.3 cm x 5.1 cm (5 in x 8 in x 2 in)

Device weight

~.46 KG with 5 AA batteries inside

Case material

Weatherproof, UV- and impact-resistant IP55, NEMA 3R

Interface cable

METER Serial Cable Adaptor (SCA) or METER USB Cable Adaptor (UCA) (Proprietary cable only available through METER included)

Software interface

ECH2O Utility, ECH2O Utility Mobile, DataTrac 3


One year, parts and labor

Compatible sensors

See compatibility charts


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