HYPROP Balance

HYPROP balance with a tensioLINK plug in.

The balance is directly connected to a PC via USB plug. This enables you to run multiple balances and HYPROP devices simultaneously, saving time when analyzing a multitude of soil samples.┬áThe advantage of the balance is its unique “tuning-fork principle”, which is excellent for HYPROP evaporation measurements. The HYPROP-measuring head is directly connected to the scale and offers a clearly defined attribution of balance and measuring head. The HYPROP-FIT software detects the balance and the measuring head automatically and assigns weighing values to the tension. The new balance cable is more thin and flexible to reduce weighing errors.

  • Comes with USB and HYPROP connection
  • Measuring range max. 2200 g
  • Resolution limit 0.1g
  • Readability (d) 0.01 g
  • Reproducibility 0.01g
  • Linearity 0.01 g
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HYPROP Balance