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Researchers are improving the world—by measuring it.

Water content + water potential—Better together

Read how scientists are combining these two measurements for better insights.

Turfgrass: A delicate balance

Measuring both water content and water potential is key in developing plants and management practices for natural turf that help it stand up to frequent use and allow it to perform well even during the difficult fall months.

Feed the world

As water resource management grows more complex, optimizing crop yields through efficient irrigation is becoming crucial. Water potential and water content sensors used together provide growers with critical information.

SM Campaign Stories Page

Water content + water potential—better together

Why soil moisture sensors can't tell you everything

If you’re only measuring water content, you may be blind to what your plants are really experiencing. To understand when to water or plant water stress, you need to measure water content AND water potential. Find out why.

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Measure water content

The TEROS 12 is a long-life, accurate, easy-to-install sensor that combines METER’s legendary technology with an ultra-rugged form and a new calibration procedure to deliver an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

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Measure water potential

Accurate. Easy to use. Affordable. The TEROS 21 water potential sensor outperforms in every aspect because we specifically designed it to save you time, hassle, and money.

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ZENTRA Cloud software

Near real-time data gives you the ability to see data anomalies and respond quickly. ZENTRA CLOUD data visualization software enables rapid decision making, and data-driven management.