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TEROS 21 Gen 2

Full-range water potential sensor

Introducing the first true, full-range water potential sensor

The new Gen 2 version of our TEROS 21 matric potential sensor is now a full-range water potential sensor with legendary high accuracy, low maintenance, and low cost.

Better than ever

The TEROS 21 Gen 2 boasts an improved circuit, a more robust microprocessor, and an improved measurement range. It now measures all the way from near saturation to air dry—finally making it a true full range water potential sensor.

What’s new with TEROS 21 Gen 2?

At METER, we’re passionate about innovation. We’re constantly upgrading our sensors to make each generation better than the last. 

TEROS 21 Gen 2 Improvements
Higher quality circuit with less temperature sensitivity
−5 to −100,000 kPa makes it a true full range sensor
Improved microprocessor means less possibility of firmware corruption

Simple to use. Simple to install.

Watch the installation video to see why TEROS 21 is one of the easiest ways to measure soil water potential.

View the full system

TEROS 21 Gen 2 is part of a complete system of sensors, loggers, and software designed to reduce your workload.

TEROS 21 gen 2 Page

Water content + water potential—better together

If you’re only measuring water content, you may be blind to what your plants are really experiencing. To understand when to water or plant water stress, you need to measure water content AND water potential. Find out why.

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ZENTRA Cloud software

TEROS 21 works with the ZL6 logger and ZENTRA Cloud to give you data in near-real time wherever you are. See data anomalies and respond quickly. ZENTRA CLOUD data visualization software enables rapid decision making, and data-driven management.