ZL6 Trade-up offer

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Offer Expires April 30th

Trade in and upgrade to the ZL6

Now until April 30, we’ll connect you with a new ZL6 for $400 USD when you trade in your existing logger and purchase a one-year subscription to ZENTRA Cloud. That’s a $250 USD savings.

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ZL6 Trade-up offer

Your data. Delivered.

Uncover data insights faster. Together with ZENTRA Cloud, the ZL6 does the job of data collection, evaluation, and sharing. It lets you quickly analyze sensor streams and make more data discoveries.

Store and work with your data in new ways. ZENTRA Cloud brings all your environmental data together in one place—to simplify analysis and collaboration. It organizes information so it can be easily shared.

Spend less time in the field. Using ZENTRA Cloud, you can manage devices remotely. Configure your ZL6 data logger from the convenience of your desk.

Measure the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. The new ZL6 connects up to six METER sensors—more than 20 environmental parameters, including GPS and local barometric pressure readings.

Leave your laptop at home. With the ZENTRA Utility mobile app, you can configure digital sensors on any device in the field via Bluetooth®.

Built to last. An IP56-rated enclosure is designed to shed rain and withstand exposure to outside elements. Built-in solar panels allow for extended deployments.

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It pays to trade up

The offer is good for any of the following EM series data loggers. It must be a working data logger and connect to ZENTRA Utility (EM60 models) or ECH2O Utility (EM50 models) to qualify.

EM50 Data Logger
EM50 Solar Data Logger
EM50G Data Logger
EM50G Solar Data Logger
EM60 Data Logger
EM60G Data Logger

ZL6 Trade-up offer

Move your connection forward

Don’t miss another critical data insight. Trade up to the ZL6. The ZL6’s cloud-based data delivery lets you see important trend information as it happens. And there has never been a better time to move.

Here’s how it works:

1. Submit a trade-in request on your existing logger(s). Be sure to include models and quantities (must be completed before April 30).

2. You will be issued an RMA on the device(s) and a quote with the $250 USD credit.

3. Follow the RMA instructions and mail in your eligible device(s) within 30 days. Don’t forget to back up your device(s) and download your logger data.

4. METER will confirm order with receipt of qualifying devices.

*Offer valid for eligible devices only. This promotion is only available in the US. Must purchase a one-year subscription to ZENTRA Cloud. Ends April 30.

ZENTRA Cloud ROI Calculator

Adjust the slider values to see how ZENTRA Cloud pays for itself and enables you to generate more peer-reviewed papers.


Miles to site ( km)

1 800

Researchers who go to the site

0 5

Assistants who go

0 5

Visits last year

1 50

How much do unnecessary site visits cost you?

Money (USD)Time (Hrs)Research Papers
Cost of one site visit
What did unnecessary field visits cost you last year?*
ZENTRA Cloud will pay for itself in saved visits
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* Site is over 300 miles away, result assumes one day's hotel ($125) and per diem ($60).

* Result assumes 2 data loggers for ZENTRA Cloud at $180 a year per data logger

* Result assumes a $12/hr wage per assistant, a $30/hr wage per researcher, travel cost for univ. vehicle $0.55/mile, 1 hours for one visit, and that one research paper takes 300 hours to generate. If site is over 300 miles away, result assumes one day's hotel and per diem.

Save $250 USD on ZL6

Complete the trade-in request form below. Please include model, qty., and/or device serial number, and sales order number if available.