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If you enjoy fitness training, EVERY METER COUNTS was made for you. Turn your long-distance runs or bike rides into funds raised for the Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory Foundation (TAHMO). Distances you cover can help TAHMO cover new ground for climate observation.

Every five kilometers ($ 3) that you run and every 30 kilometers ($ 5) that you cycle are valuable. Not only for you, but also for scientists, farmers, fishermen, malaria fighters and government agencies in Africa.


You can accelerate the development of TAHMO activities so that more farmers, students, and researchers can start benefiting from accurate weather information and weather forecasting.

When you download and use our free app, we will donate dollars for your meters to support weather stations in Africa.

Tracking made easy

Tracking made easy

Recording an activity on EVERY METER COUNTS is simple. Just use one of the login options, tap the plus sign (+), select your activity and start your tour.

You can run this app parallel to your other performance trackings. Our EVERY METER COUNTS mobile app is available for download on iOS or Android and uses your phone's GPS to monitor how much distance you cover.


Since its birth in 2010, the Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO) has been working to bring the importance of weather data to the continent’s agricultural intensification efforts. TAHMO forges partnerships with the public and private sector to bring climate data to underserved regions. Through this collaboration, it aims to cover sub-Saharan Africa with 20,000 weather stations. The program also looks to provide a platform for exchange of the data and technology transfer.


Weather stations feed forecast models and increase our understanding of climate. How can you do good agriculture in a place when you do not know how much rain there is? How reliable it is? What the variability is? What the sunshine is? What the temperature is? All these things you need to know in some detail to make optimal use of the enormous potential that this continent has.

Roughly 1.2 billion people live in Africa today. The population of the continent, which grew by 30 million between 2014 and 2015, is expected to double in the next 30 years. The United Nations projects the worldwide population to reach 9 billion over the same period. To meet growing demand, farming practices in the sub-Saharan will need to get better.

TAHMO and METER help to solve.


Build a network

Build a network

Community and milestones keep us motivated. Tap into your competitive side to stay on track. The EVERY METER COUNTS app lets you connect with other users and shows you when people you follow are active.

Welcome and catch up with people you know. With the built-in search tool, you can find and follow fellow fundraisers. Get started today.