Sunrise Fresh makes all-natural, no sugar added dried cherries that are the number one seller on Amazon.

“What I love about our cherries is that they’re all natural, straight from the fields. It’s a piece of fresh fruit, just like you’d pick off the tree, but dried. No added sugar, no preservatives, just a natural dried cherry, and it comes from California.”




In their quest to produce the freshest, most natural product possible, Sunrise Fresh pursues innovation, an approach that is unusual in the dried fruit industry.

Water activity and moisture content

In their quest to produce the freshest, most natural product possible, Sunrise Fresh pursues innovation, an approach that is unusual in the dried fruit industry. “My dad is very open to new ideas and technology. He found AQUALAB when we were looking for a moisture meter, before we understood what water activity even was.”


The new AQUALAB 3 breaks the speed barrier. Using SKALA-powered predictive AI, it delivers both water activity and moisture content readings on a single sample in one minute.

Get more precise

Sunrise Fresh started with AQUALAB, which measures water activity and moisture on a single sample. The moisture content measurement has higher precision than fast LOD moisture meters or DFA moisture meters. AQUALAB helped them to get more precise moisture contents and also introduced them to the idea of water activity. “We noticed that moistures can change very quickly and rapidly, but water activity stays pretty consistent.”


Consistency is key

Sunrise Fresh was looking for consistency. “My grandfather always said that the most consistent thing about cherries is inconsistency.

Track the quality

Sunrise Fresh decided to implement SKALA to pull all their data together in one place and look at the big picture. “We recorded everything from temperatures on our driers, internal temperatures from the warehouse, moisture and water activity from the AQUALAB

Monitoring the water activity of the product and the temperature of the dryer in real time really gives us a good idea of where the fruit is at and whether we need to change anything. We can track the quality of the product, make sure we are hitting the specs for shelf life and quality. It has gotten the floor supervisors, our QC technician, myself, the owners all on the same page. We all know what is going on in the process and what needs to be fixed.”


The company

Sunrise Fresh farms cherries, walnuts and recently almonds. They are also diversifying with custom farming and nut harvesting.

Customer satisfaction guarenteed

“Our process before SKALA was a lot of guess and check. By implementing SKALA, we’ve improved our efficiencies, our knowledge base of how to create a more consistent product pound for pound, case for case. We can analyze quality on a per-lot basis, see what cherries come out better at certain water activity levels. And with that, we can send certain cherries to certain customers that want that water activity level. Our customers are confident coming back to us day in and day out, because they are confident in the product they will get.”


Talk to an expert

“Our whole goal is to show the world that we can produce an all-natural dried cherry.”

Jake Samuels
Vice President, Sunrise Fresh

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Water activity’s usefulness as a quality and safety measurement was suggested when it became evident moisture content could not adequately account for microbial growth fluctuations.