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Get an overview of our latest products and enter the world of AQUALAB water activity meters and SKALA.

All-new AQUALAB 3

Our first fully connected chilled mirror dew point water activity meter.


Skala Control

SKALA delivers real-time statistical process control from data you’re already collecting. Plug existing devices into SKALA. QA starts the reading and SKALA delivers it straight to production via a process control dashboard.


Knowledge Base & Webinar

Water Activity 102:
Microbial Growth

Everyone knows water activity is related to microbial growth. But how can you use that knowledge to your advantage in formulation, specification, production, and packaging?

Market Snapshot: Jerky.
Rating the top brands

Find out how 12 top jerky brands rate with respect to water activity, pH, moisture content, and overpack/underpack. Get insights on how to control moisture and weight to increase yield and maximize profit.