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Control your process—in real time

Forget typing several days’ worth of stale data into Excel. Instead, picture key metrics for each batch showing up on a big screen in production in real time.

SKALA Control

SKALA delivers real-time statistical process control from data you’re already collecting. Plug existing devices into SKALA. QA starts the reading and SKALA delivers it straight to production via a process control dashboard.


Microbial Growth

Microbial growth is the reason water activity began to be used in the food industry.

Webinar: Simplify Your Approach to Product Stability

Compared to most techniques that look at powder stability, a DDI (dynamic dewpoint isotherm) curve is a simple, straightforward approach. Other methods require you to hold your product at different water activities and evaluate it through a texture analysis to see if the properties change.

Lowering water activity with humectants

How do manufacturers keep intermediate moisture foods microbially safe during a lengthy shelf-life?


Measure the water activity of any sample with the first water activity sensor completely unaffected by volatiles. The 4TDL is best for measuring the water activity of volatile products, including soy sauce, alcohols, flavorings, some spices, and black tea. It also works well for measuring products with high concentrations of volatile ingredients (flavored teas, sauces and dressings, pharmaceuticals).

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Measuring moisture content

It’s more complicated than you think. Learn more about moisture content in your product.

Water activity for safety and quality

Water activity can be used to limit microbial growth, maintain chemical stability, minimize lipid oxidation, control moisture migration, preserve texture, and predict shelf life.

WEBINAR: Maximize Excipient Effectiveness

Identify the critical water activity where an excipient will go through a phase transition in pharmaceuticals.


Water Activity and Quality of Snack Foods

Dr. Brady Carter, METER’s Director of Food Science, shows how water activity influences the quality of snack foods using examples of snack food products.