AQ2 Early adopter offer

AQ2 Early Adopter
$400 Discount

Take advantage of our early adopter discount

AQUALAB speed and accuracy. SKALA Lab connections.

The AQ2 Smart Water Activity Meter brings them together—and brings your lab into the 21st century. It’s designed for labs that need water activity and want full lab connectivity.

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The SKALA-connected AQ2 delivers:

Fast, accurate water activity readings. 5 minutes or less. ±0.005 aw.

Automated data collection. No writing, no typing, no data entry. SKALA data collection is truly automated, and each piece of data is automatically tagged with technician name, date, time, instrument serial number, batch/lot, pass/fail status and more.

Audit-ready readings. Fully documented, audit-ready testing records conform to CFR 21 Part 11, SQF, BRC standards.


Readings are tagged to specific products and checked against unique product specifications. You get visual alerts: green for passed, orange if outside control limits, red for failed.

Back-up block plus extended warranty. Your subscription includes full membership in the annual block exchange program, with replacement factory calibrated block, extended warranty, and service plan.

C of As in 30 seconds or less. Generate certificates of analysis directly from documented readings with just 2 clicks. Plus review and approve readings, do trend analysis, view SPC data, and so much more.

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83% of QA lab managers say they plan to have a connected digital food quality lab by 2020. Are you ready to go now?

  • Get up to a $400 bonus
  • Be first in line. As soon as the AQ2 is officially released, your instrument will ship.
  • Get custom installation help. Early adopters will get custom lab setup advice from our experts.

AQ2 Early adopter offer


The AQ2 is designed for QA labs that want to invest in the power and savings that come from connected instruments and automatically collected data.

It’s powered by SKALA Lab, and the first year’s subscription is free.

The subscription includes access to SKALA Lab, membership in the block exchange program with service plan and extended warranty, proactive service monitoring, and data storage for your AQ2 plus all the instruments you connect to SKALA Lab.

Your AQ2 subscription lets you connect up to 6 non-METER instruments and automatically collect your data from them. If they’re in our device library, they’ll connect right away. If they aren’t, we’ll profile and add them to our device library*.

*timing dependent on SKALA software update schedule.

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