Benchtop Water Activity Meters



Measure water activity with an average 5 minute read time and ±0.003 aw accuracy.

Water activity and processed meat

A water activity below 0.85 is an FSIS regulatory requirement for shelf stability.

Speed is everything

When it comes to water activity measurement, speed is everything. The new AQUALAB 3 is blazingly fast without sacrificing accuracy.

Technology volatile samples deserve

When it comes to measuring water activity of volatiles, readings don’t get more precise. That’s because the TDL uses a laser tuned to the absorption band of water. The laser beam—less than one nanometer wide—locks on to water molecules no matter what the concentration of volatiles.

Water activity

Water activity is derived from fundamental principles of thermodynamics and physical chemistry. As a thermodynamic principle, there are requirements in defining water activity that must be met.


Introduction to water activity

For a cheap ingredient, water can cause a lot of expensive problems–microbial growth, mold, loss of texture, caking and clumping, rancidity, vitamin loss. The best way to understand water in your product is by …

moisture in powders and spices

One common problem in the processing of powders is caking and clumping.