AQUALAB Pawkit Water Activity Meter

AQUALAB Pawkit Water Activity Meter


  • Description

    Grab and go

    Designed for government inspectors and third-party auditors, the lightweight Pawkit is perfect for water activity spot checks on the go.

    How it works

    To make a measurement, flip back the sensor cover and fit the Pawkit over a standard AQUALAB sample cup. Push the button for a water activity reading in 5 minutes.

    With a limited ± 0.02 aw accuracy, the Pawkit should only be used to verify readings or where a higher accuracy reading is not critical.

    Portable water activity

    • Weighs 4 ounces
    • Pocket-sized—3.5 x 4 inches
    • Battery operated
    • Easy two-point calibration


    • No temperature control
    • Capacitance sensor limits accuracy to ± 0.02 aw
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  • Specifications



    Water activity
    • Range: 0.00–1.00 aw
    • Resolution: 0.01
    • Accuracy: ±0.02
    Sample temperature
    • Resolution: 0.1 °C
    • Accuracy: ±0.2 °C
    Read time5 min
    Case dimensions
    • Length: 10.7 cm  (4.21in)
    • Width: 6.6 cm (2.60 in)
    • Height: 2.0 cm (0.79 in)
    Case materialStainless steel and valox 325 plastic
    Sample dish capacity7.5 mL, recommended (15 mL, full)
    Weight115 g (4 oz)
    Operating temperature
    • Minimum: 4 °C
    • Maximum: 50 °C
    Operating environment0–90% relative humidity (noncondensing)
    Power2–3 V 16 mm coin cell batteries (life of approximately 3 years)
    • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015
    • EM ISO/IEC 17050:2010 (CE Mark)


  • Comparisons


    Water Activity MeterTDL Water Activity MeterSeries 4 TEVSeries 4 TEPawkit
    Sensor TypeTunable Diode LaserCapacitance and Chilled Mirror DewpointChilled Mirror DewpointCapacitance Sensor
    Range0.030 to 1.000 aw0.030 to 1.000 aw0.030 to 1.000 aw0.0 to 1.0aw
    Measurement Time<5 minutes<5 minutes<5 minutes5 minutes
    Temperature ControlInternal 15-50 °C ±0.2 °CInternal 15-50 °C ±0.2 °CInternal 15-50 °C ±0.2 °CNone
    Part 11 ComplianceYesYesYesNo
    Warranty1 year parts and labor1 year parts and labor1 year parts and labor1 year parts and labor
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    Verification Standards

    Use to check your instrument daily. Standards are salt solutions with specific molality and water activity (See your operator’s manual for available molalities and water activities.)

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