USB driver installation instructions

How to install the USB driver for the CP103 AQUALAB mini printer

You must install the driver before connecting the METER USB Cable adapter to your computer.

Download METER USB driver

Set time & date:

l. Connect the printer serial cable to a computer serial port.

2. Open up the communication utility program (CP103 Software Tool.exe) provided on the CD that was provided with your printer.

3. Select COMM as the port type.

4. Select the COM port from the drop down choices.

5. Select 9600 as the baud rate from the drop down choices.

6. Click the [Open] button to begin communications.

7. Go to the testing tab.

8. Under the CMD testing window ( the top window) enter the following command string: + TIME: year-month-day,hour:minute:second The 24 hour time format is required. For example: +TIME:2013-09-22,15:20:07.

9. Make sure the box to the left of Send Newline is checked.

10. Click the [SEND] button. The typed-in command string will be displayed in the bottom window if the command was sent.

11. Test that the time and date was entered correctly by typing any string of characters ( for example: test) in the CMD Testing Window. Then click the [SEND] button. The correct time and date should be printed by the thermal printer before printing the string you entered.

For more information see the printer manual, pages 9-13.

Note: The printer is designed with +12Vpower exposed on the 7th pin of the serial cable. The AQUALAB and USB adapter are not designed to receive the +12V, therefore the 7th pin is removed from METER’s USB to serial cable adapter. The USB adapter and the printer adapter for the AQUALAB are used in order to prevent damage to a computer, AQUALAB, the printer, or any combination of these devices.