How You Measure Water Activity In One Minute
Webinar - April 23, 2020

How You Measure Water Activity In One Minute

In this 15 minute webinar, food scientists Mary Galloway and Dr. Zachary Cartwright will talk about the theory and application of one-minute water activity readings, including:

  • the physics-based model and hybrid analytics breakthroughs that make a one minute reading possible
  • why these techniques work for samples that usually have long read times
  • comparison to traditional first-order “fast” or “quick mode” readings
  • pros and cons from Mary’s testing experience in the food lab

The webinar will be followed by a ten minute Q & A.

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Zachary Cartwright is a lead food scientist at METER Group. He helps customers achieve complete moisture analysis of their products and is an expert in the use of the Vapor Sorption Analyzer (VSA). He has a Ph.D. in food science from Washington State University and a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from New Mexico State University.

Mary Galloway is the application scientist for METER Food and manages the Food Research & Development lab. She is a contributing author on several publications concerning water activity and its influence on physical properties. Mary uses her years of experience to help customers understand and solve their moisture-related product issues.