Mastering moisture in powders: flowability and beyond
- March 9, 2021

Mastering moisture in powders: flowability and beyond

When it comes to moisture and powders, flowability (caking and clumping) dominates the conversation. But there is much more to explore. In this webinar, scientists Mary Galloway and Dr. Zachary Cartwright address the top five moisture-related issues in powders, including:

  • Flowability—how to determine RHc and use it in shelf life, packaging, and formulation decisions
  • Moisture migration—how to predict and control it
  • Hygroscopicity—strategies for quantifying
  • Structure changes—how to determine boundaries between amorphous vs. crystalline, anhydrous vs. hydrate
  • Temperature effects: measuring effects on RHc and smoothing transitions

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Mary Galloway is a lead scientist in the METER Food Research & Development lab. She specializes in using and testing instruments that measure water activity and its influence on physical properties. She has worked with many customers to solve their moisture-related product issues.

Zachary Cartwright is a lead food scientist at METER Group. He helps customers achieve complete moisture analysis of their products and is an expert in the use of the Vapor Sorption Analyzer (VSA). He has a PhD in food science from Washington State University and a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from New Mexico State University.