Maximize Excipient Effectiveness in Pharmaceutical Products
Webinar - September 20, 2017

Maximize Excipient Effectiveness in Pharmaceutical Products

How do you decide which excipient will work best for your product? There are many factors to consider, including: Which excipient will give you the best stability?  What temperature and humidity conditions will cause it to take up water? Would a less expensive excipient work as the well as the one you are currently using?  Will your excipient change properties before reaching the consumer?

Almost 100% of our pharmaceutical customers use the Vapor Sorption Analyzer (VSA) to answer these and many other questions.

In this webinar, Dr. Brady Carter will discuss how to use moisture sorption isotherm data generated by the VSA to:

  • Identify the critical water activity where an excipient will go through a phase transition
  • Learn if one excipient is more hygroscopic than another
  • Determine if an excipient is crystalline or amorphous
  • Compare monolayer values
  • Determine how quickly one excipient takes up water compared to another
  • Identify temperature and humidity conditions to keep an excipient from changing properties
  • Prevent caking or clumping

About the presenter

Dr. Brady Carter is a Research Scientist with METER Food, the world leader in water activity measurement. He specializes in water activity and moisture sorption applications. Dr. Carter has a Ph.D. and master’s degree in Cereal Chemistry and Crop Science from Washington State University and a bachelors degree in Botany from Weber State University, with 14 years of experience in research and development. He oversees development of new moisture analysis instrumentation and provides support for current instrumentation. He has been the instructor for numerous water activity seminars and has provided on-site water activity training for companies around the world. He has authored over 20 white papers on water activity, moisture sorption isotherms, and complete moisture analysis. He has participated in hundreds of extension presentations and has given multiple presentations at scientific conferences.