Measure yield in real time to find and attack waste
Webinar - April 17, 2018

Measure yield in real time to find and attack waste

New method to stop estimating, start tracking maximum vs. actual production yield

Waste costs most food manufacturers hundreds of thousands—even millions—in lost revenue. Actual production yield is relatively easy to measure. You just weigh how much you produce. Maximum production yield—the amount produced under zero waste conditions—isn’t so easy to calculate.

In this 20-minute coffee break webinar, Dr. Brady Carter introduces a new way to calculate maximum production yield batch by batch using a moisture sorption isotherm. It only requires three types of measurements: weight (initial and final), moisture content (initial and final), and water activity (final).


  • Why water activity provides a unique way to predict maximum yield
  • How automated data collection makes these waste calculations feasible
  • The results of a study measuring waste in potato flakes produced by a university-run pilot plant
  • Challenges and limitations of the method


Dr. Brady Carter is a Research Scientist with METER Food, the world leader in water activity measurement. He specializes in water activity and moisture sorption applications. Dr. Carter has a Ph.D. in Cereal Chemistry and Crop Science and 14 years of experience helping food manufacturers solve moisture-related formulation and production challenges in products from powders and pet foods to chocolate and cheese.

View the presentation slides here.