Market Snapshot: Jerky. <br>Rating the top brands
Webinar - March 28, 2019

Market Snapshot: Jerky.
Rating the top brands

We bought jerky from local stores, big chains, and online retailers. We tested old storied brands alongside up-and-comers. We tested brands that produce everything in house and brands that are co-packed at different facilities.

The result? A market snapshot of twelve jerky brands. In this quick 15 minute webinar, Scott Campbell will review the findings. Learn:

  • which brands achieved a consistent product across the samples we tested.
  • which brands came dangerously close to the safety limits, and why.
  • which brands over-pack—and which ones don’t quite meet the minimum.
  • the projected costs of inconsistency in packaging and drying.

Attendees will get access to the Market Snapshot data and, if their products were tested, complete test data including lot numbers for the tested samples.

Presenter: Scott Campbell will present the findings of the METER Food Lab. He is the author of the “Water in Food” blog and has visited dozens of jerky makers in his quest to help them collect data and use it to consistently make great food.

Title: Market Snapshot: Jerky.
Date: March 28, 2019
Time: 9:00 am PDT
Presenter: Scott Campbell

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