Water activity 101: Master the basics
Webinar - February 12, 2019

Water activity 101: Master the basics

Understand the power of water activity

Water activity is not an intuitive concept for most people. But once you understand it, it can give you the power to control moisture in food. Preventing microbial growth is just the start.

Get the essentials of water activity condensed in this 20 minute webinar. You’ll learn:

-What water activity is
-How it’s different from moisture content
-Why it controls microbial growth
-How understanding water activity can help you control moisture in your product.

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Mary Galloway has been a lead scientist in the METER Food Research & Development lab for eight years. She specializes in using and testing instruments that measure water activity and its influence on physical properties. She has worked with many customers to solve their moisture-related product issues and frequently gets the chance to answer the question, “What is water activity?”