Water Activity and Cannabis
- November 12, 2019

Water Activity and Cannabis

Cannabis processors have a tight moisture target to hit when drying. Too dry, and you destroy trichomes and profits. Too wet, and you get mold, sick customers, and a damaged reputation.

How do you get the precision you need to hit the sweet spot? And how do you package to make sure you stay there?

Water activity/RH works in tandem with moisture content to transform the way you monitor and control moisture during drying, packaging and storage. Result: a level of control over your process that allows you to consistently hit the sweet spot that maximizes profit and guarantees safety and quality.

Brian Rice
Brian Rice, Director of R&D, Boveda Inc.

In this 30 minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • what water activity is and why it’s an essential measurement for cannabis processors
  • what you need to know about how water activity predicts microbial growth
  • how to use specific water activity limits to maximize quality and minimize destruction of terpenes
  • why you should control water activity in the drying process to maximize profitability, control potency, and guarantee safety
  • how to prevent over-drying and excessive weight loss in the drying, curing, packaging, and storage phases

Brian Rice, Director of R&D at Boveda, and John Russell, METER Food Application Support Specialist, will co-present. The webinar will be followed by a 10 minute live Q&A with the presenters.

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John Russell is an Application Support Specialist with 25 years of food safety experience,13 of those spent helping food and pharmaceutical manufacturers use water activity to improve safety and quality in their products. In the past 5 years, he has worked extensively with cannabis processors to use both water activity and moisture content measurements to optimize moisture control in their drying and curing processes.

Brian Rice is Director of R&D at Boveda, Inc. and a leading expert in water activity with two decades of experience helping diverse industries including cannabis and tobacco explore the impact of water activity on flower economics, quality, and safety. He and his team have studied the changes that occur to cannabinoids when stored at various levels of humidity and moisture.