Water Activity and FSMA
Webinar - January 17, 2018

Water Activity and FSMA

Water activity is more than a number—it can actually verify that your food is safe. That makes it an ideal measurement under FSMA’s new risk-based approach to food safety.

This 20-minute coffee break webinar shows how water activity works in HARPC risk-based preventive programs to prevent microbial growth.


-How water activity predicts microbial safety (and why moisture content doesn’t)

-Why water activity is an ideal preventive control

-When and how to use water activity measurements

-Where to find “scientific proof” for the validity of water activity as a preventive control

The presenter

Dr. Brady Carter is a Research Scientist with METER Food, the world leader in water activity measurement. He specializes in water activity and moisture sorption applications. Dr. Carter has a Ph.D. and master’s degree in Cereal Chemistry and Crop Science from Washington State University and a bachelor’s degree in Botany from Weber State University, with 14 years of experience in research and development. He oversees development of new moisture analysis instrumentation and provides support for current instrumentation.