Water Activity Powered By SKALA


You need more than water activity

Water activity. You have to measure it. Most people grab the cheapest water activity meter they can find to get the inspector off their backs. But what if there was an affordable, entry-level water activity meter that helped you manage your costs and manage compliance?

Perfect fit plus room to grow

Introducing the AQ1. It’s an entry-level water activity meter powered by SKALA, our most advanced process automation platform for food. And it’s priced to fit a start-up budget. If you’re small enough to be running a one-person lab, you qualify for the AQ1 single-user package—a setup that lets you run lean but ready to grow.  

Do it right so you don’t have to do it over

SKALA’s touchscreen HUB and web-based Control module meet you where you are and expand as you do. Plug in the AQ1—and your pH meter, moisture meter, scale, whatever instruments you’re using. The HUB connects to anything with a serial port. It gathers data directly from the instruments and records readings digitally. No messy records, no mistakes.

As you grow, you can connect it to sensors in your freezer, drying room, curing chamber, and refrigerators. Monitor humidity and temperature in real time from your phone or computer. When you get big enough to need traceability, statistical process control, yield monitoring, and corrective actions, SKALA lets you add on instead of scrapping your system and starting over. 

*See IT requirements in specifications to ensure that the AQ1 works for you

Ace every audit

SKALA’s purpose-built for food manufacturers like you. It lets you demonstrate to GFSI (SQF, BRC) auditors that you’re using physical properties measurements to make process changes. And it does that without giving you extra documentation tasks.

Set up the day’s work in Control. Select the batch on the HUB, and SKALA tells you what measurements need to be made. Select the measurement, and SKALA tells you how to get the reading started, then listens for and collects the data digitally when the reading is finished. You never have to listen for a beep or write down a reading. It saves you time with every measurement. And because SKALA collects the data directly from the instrument, your records are mistake-proof.

The payoff comes at audit time, when you present inspectors and third-party auditors with audit-ready readings containing time and date, user ID, record of instrument verification and calibration, in-spec stamp, and more.

Look like you’re in control. Because you are.

Paper logs are a double whammy: they look cheap and they cost you money. SKALA makes you look under control because it puts you in control. Save the hours you would have spent writing, transcribing, storing, and managing boxes of paper records. Review and approve your error-free records in 5 minutes. Create Certificates of Analysis with one click. And automatically create the processes and recording systems you can build a future on.

Get more than you bargained for

The AQ1 is an affordable, entry-level meter and so much more because it’s powered by SKALA. It’s not just powerful enough to grow with you—it’s powerful enough to help you grow. See how  the SKALA-powered AQ1 can open doors, cut costs, and drive profits.

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  • Automatically records and compares reading to predefined water activity specs
  • Identifies which readings are in spec and audit ready
  • Connect up to seven other lab instruments you already own—pH meter, scale, moisture balance, refractometer
  • Measure water activity of multiple samples simultaneously
  • Connect multiple AQ1s to a single HUB



Sensor type







0.00 - 1.00 aw

Temperature resolution

0.1 °C

Sample dish capacity

7.5 ml recommended, 15 ml full

Measurement time

5 minutes or less

IT infrastructure requirements

The AQ1 is an IIoT device. In order to use it, please consult with your IT department to be sure you have:

- Wi-Fi access in the location where AQ1 will be used
- An Ethernet port for the Nexus connection
- A Wi-Fi enabled iPad iPad 5th Generation (9.7 inch) with iOS 11.2 or later (iPad may be purchased with your AQ1)
- Reliable local network and internet connections
- Ethernet and WiFi must be on the same network
- Port 80,443, and 123 enabled

Note: the Nexus and the iPad must be able to communicate with each other on your internal network and with our cloud servers. For more information, please visit https://www.metergroup.com/food/faqs/

California requires the following notice:

⚠️ WARNING: This product may contain chemicals including ethylene glycol, lead, nickel, styrene and cadmium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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