AQUALAB Service Plan and Extended Warranty

Like new, once a year

AQUALAB Service Plan and Extended Warranty

Optional services

Loaner instrument

Need to stay up and running while your instrument is being serviced? AquaLab Loaner Instruments are available for an additional fee. When you add the loaner option, when the loaner arrives you can load your instrument into the same box and send it in for annual servicing. When your instrument has been serviced, it will be returned to you, and you can send the loaner back in the same box.

As-found documentation

If you need traceable maintenance documents to comply with ISO, GMP, HACCP, or other certifications, we also offer a fully documented plan. For an additional fee we will provide complete as-found verification and as-found report.

Calibration plans can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Contact Customer Support for pricing information or to schedule a calibration.

Restore your instrument to top condition once a year with the annual service plan. The service plan includes annual factory calibration to meet auditing requirements plus cleaning and servicing (parts and labor included) to help you avoid unexpected maintenance costs and downtime.

Service plan includes:

  • Complete factory recalibration to a NIST-traceable temperature standard with certificate
  • Factory grade cleaning
  • Repair or replacement of all worn or damaged parts (parts and labor included)
  • Updated firmware

Your like-new instrument will be returned to you with:

  • Extended one year instrument warranty
  • One year calibration warranty

Warranty repairs during the one year extended warranty include complimentary loaner instrument and expedited status.

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