Link your production equipment to SKALA’s advanced machine learning algorithm to generate actionable dashboards, optimize the drying process, and boost your revenue.

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One customer drove a continuous improvement project by using SPC data. You can see the result in their data: they cut the standard deviation on their main process control spec in half.

SKALA helps you minimize deviation by collecting the data you need to track your process in real time, automatically. Digital readings come directly from the instrument, and the readings are tagged to all the metadata you need to identify process variation for effective statistical process control. No writing, no typing, no data entry.


SPC in real time

SKALA includes tools for control charts, histograms, pareto analysis, scatter diagrams, and more. Process control charts let you monitor key variables during production and make process changes in real time to prevent your process from going out of control.


Make QA and production a power couple

Quality numbers that stay in the QA department are dead statistics. In-line data visualization tools empower every production worker to own quality and efficiency goals. QA generates the data; production uses it to adjust processing time, temperature, humidity. Result: less scrap and rework, a more consistent product, and often an improved relationship between production and QA.

SKALA System

Profitability Case Studies:

Client A

Before: Water activity across all products was 0.7935, with an average moisture content of 28.5%. 59% of the product was outside of ideal spec.

After: Average water activity 0.8018, with an average moisture content of 29.2%. Only 7.9% of the product outside of ideal spec (following 6 month utilization period).

Result: $546K (includes savings from reducing rework by 51.1%).

SKALA System
SKALA System

Client B

Before: Average water activity 0.536.

After: Average water activity 0.59. Increase in product moisture content: 0.62%.

Result: $389k in product savings.

Client C

Before: average water activity (August) 0.761.

After: Average water activity (September) 0.771. Increase in product moisture content: 0.5%.

Result: Client achieved $100K in product savings.


See how Oberto, a Pacific Northwest jerky manufacturer, uses real time data from SKALA to control their process and deliver on safety, quality, and profitability every day.


Hampshire Pet Products

Joplin, Missouri, based Hampshire Pet Products embraces digital transformation. See how SKALA plays a key role in Hampshire's success.

Features to satisfy SQF, BRC auditors

-vendor verification module, including tools for FSMA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)

-certificates of analysis generated directly from the documented instrument reading

-CCP testing data automatically collected and checked against specifications with customizable alerts (pH, metal detection, temperature, water activity, cure and dry times)

-verifiable testing records to demonstrate to SQF auditor use of data (pH, water activity, temperature) to make process changes

-equipment management with documented certifications and customizable verification alerts

-customer complaint log tied to batch/lot number, with custom-defined triggers for notifications

-environmental monitoring

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