Beat Pen and Paper

Skala Digital Quality Records


Review and Approve Records in 5 Minutes

SKALA reduces the time it takes the Quality Manager to manage, review, and approve records, because readings for all instruments are in one place and error-free.

SKALA can give your lab an extra day’s worth of time every week by beating pen and paper. It’s the first data management system purpose-built for food quality assurance labs. It saves a mid-sized lab (one that makes 100 readings/day) more than 550 lab tech and quality manager hours every year–more than one work day a week.


Streamline Each Reading

SKALA reduces the time needed to make one reading to just 45 seconds.How? By connecting the lab tech's natural workflow to computing power to create audit-ready digital quality records.The technician prepares the sample, tags it to a lot or batch on the SKALA HUB screen, and starts the reading as usual. Then the technician moves on to the next task and Skala takes over.

Create Data Rich Readings

Create Data Rich Readings

SKALA collects the reading digitally as soon as it’s finished and connects it to all relevant information (time and date, the user ID, user training, when the instrument was last verified and calibrated, whether or not the reading is in spec) to create an audit-ready reading.