Master quality, compliance, and profitability

Plug in legacy devices and let the data flow


Great saves with real time data

What if operations could get real time data from quality? What if your key metrics showed up on a big screen in production as they happened? Get real time process control from data you're already collecting by plugging your legacy devices into SKALA. No new workflows, no data collection—just the power to diagnose and fix your process in real time.

Make every tech your best tech

The best unassisted lab techs typically take about 80 readings per day. SKALA-assisted techs can complete 240 readings. Every one of those readings is mistake-proof because it's collected directly from the instrument. And directed workflow through SKALA Hub ensures process compliance, making every lab tech your best lab tech.


More than a software solution

Generic data visualization platforms stop short of what you actually need: a food manufacturing-specific platform with automated data collection and seamless integration with sensors, instruments and devices. When you plug in your devices, QA and production see all the data together in one place, in real time. Sharing data puts everybody on the same page, with aligned priorities and goals.

A platform built for food

A platform built for food

Yield monitoring. Lot and ingredient tracking. Records designed to satisfy auditors. Built around your workflow and your needs. SKALA doesn't try to be everything for everybody. It's not generic software with a few food manufacturing labels. SKALA is built exclusively for food manufacturers. That means faster implementation, more responsiveness to food manufacturing problems, and relevant features like smart yields that you can't find in other "software solutions."