Decagon and UMS announce planned merger
4 November 2016

Decagon and UMS announce planned merger

Sensor tech experts come together to strengthen product set and address future data access needs of lab and field technicians.

PULLMAN, Wash.—Decagon Devices, Inc., and UMS AG today announced merger and plans for a combined company that will be named METER Group, Inc. (METER). The merger will allow the companies to better serve a growing number of customers that rely on precision data solutions for food quality, environmental research, agriculture and sustainable production applications.

“The decision to merge was an easy one,” said Georg von Unold, president of UMS. “Decagon has products that measure the dry end of soil water in the environment. Whereas we at UMS are measuring with our sensors and instruments the wet end range of moisture. So with these two product portfolios, both companies fit quite well together.”

Decagon and UMS have been closely associated for over a decade. By formalizing the partnership, the two aim to bridge the gap between high precision and ease of use to improve the scientific instrumentation that its customers depend on.

Although January 1, 2017, is the official date of the name change, the transition to METER will take place over the next several months. During this time, the companies aim to unify their family of products under the new METER brand while building on each other’s core strengths.

“Expect to see an enhanced focus on product design and engineering,” said Scott Campbell, CEO of Decagon Devices, Inc. An example of this is the new Skala HUB, which creates digital quality records directly from instruments in food quality labs.

The combined company will continue to offer and provide support for its existing line of lab instruments, environmental sensors and data loggers. During the transition, customers may continue to see the Decagon and UMS names being used.

For more information about METER Group, Inc., visit: metergroup.com/company/history/.

  • About METER Group

    METER Group, Inc., a Decagon and UMS combined company, delivers real-time, high-resolution data that fuels production and processes for the food quality, environmental research, urban and agriculture sectors. Through the power of its employees, METER combines science, engineering and design expertise to turn physical measurements into useful information.

  • About Decagon Devices

    Decagon Devices, Inc., designs, manufactures, and markets scientific instruments, specializing in soil moisture sensors and equipment. The applied research division focuses on measuring water, light, and heat in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. Decagon instruments are used throughout the world in universities, research and testing laboratories, government agencies, vineyards, farms, and industrial applications.

  • About UMS

    UMS AG is the leading supplier in the field of environmental technology with focus on hydrology, climate research and laboratory instrumentation. With more than 20 years experience, UMS offers our scientific customers with unique measuring and sampling systems made in Germany.