METER announces 2018 Grant A. Harris Fellowship recipients
27 March 2018

METER announces 2018 Grant A. Harris Fellowship recipients


PULLMAN, WA—METER Group, Inc. makers of precision scientific instrumentation and software solutions for environmental science, food quality assurance, and geotechnical applications is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the Grant A. Harris Fellowship.

  • Christopher L. Dutton: Yale University (Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)—awarded three ATMOS 41 all-in-one weather stations and three EM60G data loggers. Christopher is studying spatial and temporal dynamics of hypoxic floods and fish kills in a tropical river.
  • Leena Shevade: Drexel University (Dept. of Civil Architectural Environmental Engineering)—awarded a SATURO infiltrometer and ten MiniDisk Infiltrometers. Leena is assessing the effect of root zone configuration, ponding, and inflow depths on the infiltration performance of urban green infrastructure.
  • Katie Marcacci: University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences)—awarded one KSAT and one HYPROP, a laboratory instrument which generates soil moisture characteristic curves and determines the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of soil. Katie is studying the influence of plant roots and mycorrhizal hyphae on soil hydraulic parameters.
  • Elizabeth McNamee: University of Wisconsin (Dept. of Agronomy)—awarded six Em50 and four EM60G data loggers plus four ERCN-100 rain gauges.  Elizabeth is quantifying the effectiveness of irrigation scheduling to increase water-use efficiency in the Wisconsin Central Sands region.

The Grant A. Harris Fellowship promotes innovation, thought leadership, and cutting-edge scientific research by recognizing graduate students who are making extraordinary contributions to any aspect of agricultural, environmental, or geotechnical science. Each individual will receive $10,000 of METER scientific instrumentation for use in their research. Find out how each recipient plans to use their METER instrumentation here.

For more information about the Grant A. Harris Fellowship, please visit: https://www.metergroup.com/company/grant-harris-fellowship/.   


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Lysimeter cooperation agreement with the company JR-AquaConSol GmbH

With the new Lysimeter division it is systematically expanding its business field. Univ. lect. Dr. Johann Fank (CEO JR-AquaConSol), has been leading the Lysimeter Research Group for more than 10 years. Through this cooperation, the METER Group transfers its entire technical know-how in the areas of consulting and plant design, installation and training as well as in the areas of services and support to JR-AquaConSol.